Parent / Teacher meeting

Yup, yesterday Ken and I had our first parent / teacher meeting for Ellie. I thought it seemed weird having one for my 14 month old but it was actually kind of cool. Her “teacher” told us how Ellie was independant, showed us some of the pudding painting and crayon drawings she had been doing and let us know that she now says things like “yes, mama, dada, and ball”.

It was kind of neat to actually sit down with her for a few mins instead of just a quick “how did she do?” when we pick her up.


So I have searched high and low for good mascara.  Something that really makes my lashes look plump and long and movie starlike.  Well I have finally found one I really like and had to share it with you all.

The brush is rubbery and fun and I love the way it makes my lashes look.  Seperated and long.  LOVE IT!!!

Moving YICK!!!

Moving always stresses me out.

Doesn’t matter if it is from another country, another state, cross town or just downstairs, it is stressful. This weekend I have the joy of dealing with all of that.

Ken is in Va. getting our stuff that has been in storage or been fostered by our friends while we were in England, he then has the joy of doing the 10 hour drive back on Sat. Sunday we are unloading the truck as well as getting all of our England stuff that is in storage across town and everything from our sublet and moving into our new place downstairs.

Crazy weekend ahead but it will be so great to have all of our stuff again.

I recently heard that my Greatgrandday Hutchens used to say everyone should move once every five years to help them let go of stuff. I think he meant it firguratively, I guess I’ve taken it a bit too literally huh?

Cheers to Baby Sears


Cheers to baby Sears was the theme for last Sat. and Kerry’s Baby shower for soon to be baby Jillian. There were loads of cheers and more than a few drinks toceleb rate. Even a few tears (thanks to Dave’s Mom’s gift) were shed but in a good way. What a totally wonderful day. I was just glad I was able to see Kerry and Rub the Buda for luck.

ellie’s new ride

newride.JPGEllie’s Auntie Kathe just sent her a new ride. She loves playing with all the knobs and levers but hasn’t got the hang of getting it to move around. We are just happy that her feet touch the ground. Lately it seems like she is never going to get bigger. I know, she will grow in her own time…