I love my fishes…

We got a few new additions to our family today. We decided that since Ellie LOVES fish that we would get her a small tank. We set it up yesterday and the new residents moved in this afternoon. Just a few hardy ones to start out. img_1647.JPG

Thankful Me

kenandel.JPGOh the things I have to be thankful for this year!!

First, I am thankful to actually be in the country and be able to celebrate for the first time in three years.

Next, I am very thankful for Ken and Ellie. I cannot express how happy I am that we are all together and healthy right now. A large heartfelt thanks to the many doctors and nurses that have worked very hard and very long to make that happen (both in the US and in the UK).

Most of all I am thankful and blessed to have such a supportive group of family and friends around me. This last year there was always one of you guys there to talk or cry with and I never doubted that I had support and help, I had only to ask.

All of that and my Thanks Giving Dinner actually turned out well. I got to use my wedding china for the first time. The turkey was just right, Ellie couldn’t stop eating it.
Even my first try at making a homemade pumpkin pie was yum, yum, yummie – thank you Paula Dean!!!


How completely lucky am I!!

I hope everyone had as happy, blessed and yummy of a Thanks Giving as I did.

Hair Do

pull.JPGI tried putting pig tails into Ellie’s hair. She sure was cute for about 2 secs before she pulled it out.

One day she will learn to like it. Until then I will continue to torture, uhm, I mean I will continue to try. ihateit.JPG


It is that time of the year.  Time to turn on the heat because it is getting cold.  It has been in the 30s at night here.

This might seem like a weird question but what do you guys set your heat?  We have been in England the last four winters and there your heat is a gas boiler and radiators.  The heating gas is so pricey that everyone only keeps it on for a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night.  There are no thermostates.  You get really used to being cold and wrapping up.
It has been so long, I totally forget what a reasonable tempature is to set the thermostat.  We have gas radiator heat but it is run by a thermostat.  I don’t want to have it really warm and toasty and end up with a huge gas bill when we could turn it down a little and put on a sweater.

Ken is no help.  He doesn’t seem to register cold until it gets really cold, I am always cold and poor Ellie cannot tell us what she wants.

So I am taking a survey to see what everyone else sets theirs.

Sleeping on a Cloud

A few years ago my friend Julie bought a new bed.  She keep saying it was “like sleeping on a cloud.”  I never really understood what she was talking about I would just grin and shake my head.

At that time I was sleeping on a Sam’s Club mattress that had moved with me from Ghent to Ocean View to Bingley England (where it had to be deconstructed to make it up Victorian Stairways) to Huddersfield England (yup the bed once again came apart and was put together again).  So needless to say I was sleeping on a storm cloud if any.

We decided to leave it behind when we moved back to the States and get a new one.  A local place was having a sale plus no interest for 3 years (does that get you or what)  so we went for a look.   Boy can they get you to be silly when you are lying on the most comfy bed you ever laid on?

It was delivered a couple days later.

All I can say is now I sleep on a cloud.  I have never loved a bed like this one.  I cannot wait to go to bed and you don’t want to get out of it.  It makes every night -even the ones when Ellie wakes up three times like she has been lately- wonderful.  Ken rarely complains of a back ache anymore and we wake up with a smile on our faces.  You don’t want to get out of it.

Who would have thought a good king size mattress would make such a difference to your whole life.

Post Op visit

We went to Boston yesterday for a Chest X-ray, EKG, Echo and to see Dr. Marx for Ellie’s post-op check up.

Ellie couldn’t have been better.  She was so still and quite during the echo.  We were so proud.  Unfortunately, I think it had more to do with the Barney video than it did with us.  As much as we have tried, we cannot avoid that purple dinosaur.

Dr. Marx had a really good look at everything and said that Ellie’s X-ray, EKG and Echo don’t look that much different then they did when she left Boston hospital.  He said that the pulmonary pressures are a bit elevated and she does have some fluid back up into her lungs from her heart right now.  He wants to keep an eye on both of these.

Our hope is that maybe, now that her chest infection is clearing, her heart will have a chance to stretch and grow and we can see how her heart and body will cope.

We are scheduled to for an appointment in Boston on December 14,2006.  They are going to do a sedated echo to have a really good look.

Dr. Marx did say because of the back up of blood she is going to be more susceptible to lung infections right now.  Since we are right in the middle of cold and flu season he did mention it would be best to keep her away from large crowds and from anyone we know has a cold.

So, I foresee us being homebodies for the next few months.

The best medicine ever

Saturday night I was talking to my friend Kathe on the phone. When she asked if we needed anything Ken jokingly said, “when are you going to be here? Just jump in the car and come right over.” Which was funny seeing how we live in Connecticut and Kathe lives in Virginia. I really didn’t think she would take us literally.

surprisevisit-thumb.jpgLast night we were hanging out at home playing the what’s for dinner game when my phone rang and it was my friend Kathe again. She asked me to check on the front porch for a package that should have been delivered. I thought it was strange to have a package come on a Sunday, but I went out to see and low and behold the package was her. She had driven up to see us.

Kathe has a meeting this week in Hershey, Pa. and thought since she needed drive that far she would just come the extra distance and see us for the night. We were so happy to see her!!! Ellie just grinned and clapped her hands.

Of course, she didn’t come empty handed. Her hands were full of Krispy Kremes fresh off the conveyer belt!
We had a wonderful time munching our way through the Kristpy Kremes and Pepe’s Pizza, chatting and playing. She had to leave this morning to go down to Pa but we even got a little time with her this morning.

It was so great to have a friend here, it was just the medicine we all needed.

What an excellent surprise we are all still grinning.