hi ho hi ho

It’s back to work I go.  I am off to Frankfurt tomorrow.  My first trip since the beginning of Oct. and Ellie’s surgery.  Ellie will be home with Daddy on Monday and back at daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It feels a bit wierd going back to work and leaving them, but it will be good for all of us to get back to our routine.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.  Ours will be low key because no babysitter and I have to work tomorrow.

18 months

Friday was Ellie’s eightenn month birthday. Hard to believe she is already that old. There were times we weren’t sure we would see it.

We celebrated by going up to the Mystic Aquarium. It was very cool. A little cold because many of the exhibits were outside.

Ellie LOVED it.

Every time the Bulga wale swam by Ellie yelled Wow!


Even during the whale show she wouldn’t stop saying wow and kicking those feet.wow2.JPG


My friend Julie has me and now my parents hooked on this wesite she found.   It is a live stream from an Africian game reserve.  The camera is around a watering hole and I have already seen giraffes, lions, and zebras.  My parents have also seen rhinos and Julie swears she has seen an elephant.  Ken doesn’t seem to share our excietment, but we will even call each other when we see something cool.

Anyway it is very cool.  The best time to see animals is after about 10:00pm our time (that is sunrise in Africa) and mid day for us (that is sunset in Africa).

Check it out and you will be hooked too.


then click on the link for Nkorho Stream it is on the left side under South Africa.