Hat and Booties

Friday was so cold here (it was 10 degrees at 10:00 in the morning and the windchill was below 0) that we kind of hibernated. Saturday was a bit better but we stayed close to home and Pam and Charlotte came over for a way fun play date and dinner. Today not much more. I had to be home to trip trade at 2:00 so that kind of take sthe whole from you.


One good thing, i did a lot of knitting over the weekend. Now I wonder who this could be for (it isn’t really for the cabbage patch doll but a soon to be real life doll – M, I will get it out to you this week).Off to Zurich tomorrow, everyone have a great week.


Just got a call from my cousin Monique.  She is pregnant and is due the beginning of July.  She had her 20 week scan today ( a little early as she is just beginning her 18th week).  Everything looked great and she is having a girl.


Another girl in the family never hurts, we will take all the help we can get.

Here’s a picture of Monique when her and Keith came to visit in December.

CONGRATS and I am even more exceited now we know it is a girl.


Blue Sky


Still no snow, freezing cold but no snow, beautiful clear blue skies, no snow. A few flurries yesterday, but nothing worth getting exceited about.The Kiddie Boggan has now become where Ellie takes her toys to go night-night (at least that is what she says as she dumps them in there and covers them up).


I just know it is going to snow next Sunday and Monday and I will have to be freaked out about how I am going to get to Newark for work.

Oh well guess we should enjoy what we have.

By the way, did I tell you Ellie is in bed and did I mention Ken is gone right now. Maybe that expains all the posts huh?

Poor Daddy

Over Christmas my poor Dad felt like total poo. We all thought he just had a really bad sinus infection, boy were we wrong about that. Apparently Dad has Bells Palsy (for those of you who have no idea what it is – I sure didn’t- here’s a website: http://www.bellspalsy.ws).

It is miserable and I feel so bad he has had to deal with it. Yesterday he found out that the cough he developed after Christmas is really Whooping Cough. I mean who actually gets Whooping Cough anyway? I thought that was what Kramer had on Seinfield and went to the vet because it sounded like a dog he heard. What are the chances of getting Whooping Cough as well as Bell’s Palsy all at the same time?  Dad should play the lottery this week for sure.

He was such a trooper. Even though he felt like poo and still made sure we had video of Christmas.img_1862.JPG

waiting for the snow…

Even though it was 17 degrees when I took Ellie to daycare yesterday, and it is only supposed to be in the low 30s with windchills in the teens and 20s we haven’t seen snow yet.


Ellie is ready. She has her kiddie boggin and she is beginning to get bored being inside.They are calling for flurries tomorrow, we will see.


I used to do 5 -6 trips in a row (that’s 15 -18 days of flying straight) and not think anything of it. It allowed me big blocks of time off and it seemed worth it.

Now days I am finding it hard to work one trip (my trip this past Monday), have one day off, and then work again tomorrow.  When this is what waiting for you at home (and of course wonderful hubby-poo) it is hard to leave again so soon.img_1926.JPG

I am flying tomorrow with MJ so it makes it ok. Sat. night in Dublin, Gee I wonder what we will do.