Weekend Break

Mom and Dad agreed to keep Ellie for the weekend so Ken and I could have our first weekend away since she was born. That’s 20 months ladies and gentlemen.

We decided to go down to Asheville, NC. Ken got a day of skiing. I got to try it out for the first time to see if I liked it before committing to a whole ski trip. And, I got to go to the Biltmore. I am now officially in the Biltmore Club with my friends who have been there a couple of times and raved.

We had a wonderful weekend and Mom and Dad were still standing when we made it back to Roanoke yesterday. So, all in all, a successful weekend break.


Ken snapped a picture of me on the rare occassion when I was actually on my feet.


I tried to stay brave even though I had bruises on my bruises.


Ken and I on the roof of the Biltmore (thanks Kathe, the roof top tour really did rock).


Tailess Gargoyle


In front of the richies’ house, um I mean, the Biltmore.

Ken’s Birthday

Yesterday was Kenny’s 33rd.  We went to his favorite place for breakfast (those of you from Norfolk think Charlie’s but a bit more upscale).


Last night we went to a yummie Malaysian resturant in town and to see the opera.  It was a very fun night out.  Ellie got to hang with our upstairs neighbour Robin- thanks again Robin you rock.

All and all not a bad birthday for my lovie.


Off to Copenhagen today and I will be back on Tuesday.

Doctor Visit

We were a bit nervous about the drive up to Boston and what shape the roads would be in so, we left extra early to make sure we got there.

Once we were out of the neighbourhood and onto interstate roads the only thing we ran into was regular morning rush hour traffic. I was really surprised at how well the main roads were considering the secondary roads were full of all kinds of ice.

Anyway, made it up there and saw Dr. Marx. Ellie was not too happy about having an echo. But after the echo tech asked Dr. Marx to come into the room to do the echo, and he serenaded her with Old McDonald, she allowed him to get some really good pictures of her mitral valve.

Dr. Marx was very happy. She has put on a pound since he saw her in December (she is now 18lbs 8 oz.) and is very active. She’s pulling herself up and trying to walk with our help. He was so impressed with what he saw, both physically and on the echo, that he doesn’t want to see her until July. Dr. Marx keep saying, “I think she is going to be alright.” I think he feels like the valve just might work and she might be fine. What wonderful news. We still don’t know for sure, and might not for awhile, but he is very happy so far and so are we.

Ellie has come so far in the last two months we can hardly believe it.

Snow? Ice? What the…?

We woke up Wednesday morning to jusr a dusting of snow. We were a bit bummed about the lack of snow considering what they had been calling for. I guess we are too close to the coast.



As the day wore on we slowly realised that the crazy looking rain was really ice and freezing rain and that it wasn’t stopping. By about 2 or 3 in the afernoon we had about 3 more inches of ice on top of the little bit of snow. Stuck in the house because the roads were in bad shape (the new said that they were reporting 20 -25 accidents a hour on the roads) but nothing to play in because it was all ouchy ice.


That is all ice!


It even made us wonder if we would make it to our appointment in Boston on Thursday.

One good thing from the day is that for the first time ever Ellie stood behind her walk and held on while she walked a few steps. This is the first time she has ever done this without us holding her at all. She must have know we were going to see Dr. Marx the next day and would bragg.


Ellie’s still not to sure about us not holding on to her.