Tag Ken, you’re it.

Ken got home late Wed. night from his conference (he had been gone since Sat.) so we had yeasterday and then I am off today to Brussels with MJ.

We were so glad to see him home. Ellie has been sick (cold and ear infection) and I think we both needed a break and needed to see Daddy to make us feel better. To top it all off alergy season has begun. Fun.

I will be back on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


We were meant to be going to Raleigh this weekend.  Ken has a conference in Durham on Tuesday and Wednesday so we thought we would go down early and visit with Ken and Katrina who live in Durham.  Katrina is pregant and we were going to have girlie chat about babies and stuff.

Well, as they say the best laid plans and all, first Ellie comes down with a cold and fever this week.  Nothing really to be concerned about but a cold.  It was making me a bit nervous flying with a sinus condition and having a baby that had been sick around a pregnant woman but we decided this morning that we felt like she was getting a bit better and we were going to join Ken on the 11:20 flight out of New Haven.

I called to list us and check the flight loads just to be told that the flight to Phili had one open seat and 4 standbys listed and the flight to Raleigh was over sold by 2 with 3 standbys.  Not looking good at all.  THe flights had looked really good last week but I guess the first flight out of New Haven cancelled this morning and Ken called me from the airport and said it was a mess and it would proberly be that way all day out of here.  So we decided to just have Ellie and I stay home.  Ken went ahead because he was on a purchased ticket (for the conference).

Bummer.  I had really been looking forward to visiting, catching up, and having yummy food (Ken and Katrina like to cook).

I did get Ellie outside for a few mins this morning on the porch swing.  She just loves to wear sunglasses now.


I miss Yorkshire in the Springtime…


I find myself at the end of March with the temp in the 30’s looking at snow outside my window, missing Yorkshire.

This time of year was my favorite.  Everything started to warm a little and turn green and most of all it was when the lamb-ie-kins were born.  We would take rides out into the country and watch them jump and play (lamb don’t run they jump and hop).  It was my favorite thing to do.


I miss loads of things from England – the friends we made, good fish and chips, a proper pint in a proper pub, yummy curry, but especially the countryside and the little lambs this time of year.

I never thought I would be but I guess I am just a little bit homesick.



It snowed all day yesterday (I measured 8 inches of snow in our front yard this morning) and the day ended in freezing rain, so there was a layer of ice over all the snow. This made for bad driving but wonderful sledding.

We bundled Ellie up and walked up to a big hill not too far from our house where everyone goes to sled. It was so much fun. Ellie kept wanting to go faster and so did Kenny.

Touch of snow
Me right before I wiped out
Kenny going fast, fast, fast
Daddy and Ellie going fast, fast, fast
Home to warm up


We woke up to a snow storm this morning, a couple of inches so far and it is snowing non-stop right now and there is supposed to be ice on top of it this afternoon.

I saw these two cardinals in the back yard and thought I was in Va for a few mins. until I realised it was 30 degrees and snowing and in Va it was 80 yesterday – so everyone called and to tell me.


Our neighbour, Robin, took this picture of Ellie the other day.  Ellie counts to 3 and then Ken blasts her off above his head.  She LOVES it.


I just have to add that Ellie is wearing a sweater that my Nanny, a.k.a Nanny – poo, made for me when I was little.  My mom actually has pictures of me in it.  Knitting really does last for generations.  Thanks Nanny-poo.

Must be a full moon


It must have been a full moon, because people have been crazy the last few days.  Our trip (MJ and mine) to London was full of them.  Both ways there were crazy passengers doing and asking silly stuff.  We got there and saw Christy for a few pints and a meal.  The pints were great but the meal was back to craziness – a waitress that insisted that the tuna steak that MJ was given was really the salmon she ordered and not tuna, it smelled like tuna, tasted like tuna but according to the waitress was really salmon – craziness.


It was great hanging out with Christy and catching up and thank god MJ and I were together on the plane to help laugh off the silliness.

Home until Monday and back to work.  I wonder what will happen next week on the plane?