One really cool thing…

about my job is that I get to pick up bargins all over the world. London isn’t usually were I would expect to get something for a good price (especially now with the conversion rate of $2.00 to the pound) but I got Ellie this really cute outfit on my last trip at this really cool cheap store called Primark. The whole thing was only around $12 and it is super fun.


Cute outfit


Proud Mum had to put a pic of her walking

What a week

What a crazy start to our week last week:
Flood in the basement on Sunday
Ellie’s surgery and VA Tech on Monday
Washing all day on Tuesday from the flood
Check card number stolen on Wednesday (yup someone stole my credit card number and spent over $2000 at Victoria Secret on Monday I found out when my card was refused at the grocery store on Wednesday good thing I had another card with me).

Lucky for us the end of the week got better.

Friday night and Sat. morning Ellie decided to take her first steps by herself. She will walk between Ken and I all the way across the room now. She hasn’t gotten up the courage yet to walk to other things but it is coming. It is so exciting and she looks so proud when she does it.

Our upstairs housemate had a double sweet 16 birthday party / cookout for her 32nd birthday in the back yard Sat. night. It was super fun.

Sunday I planted flowers out front and we went to Ken’s softball game. Ellie spent most of the time playing in her wagon (thanks Sydney and Auntie Alice for the loan of the wagon) with Nate one of the other players children.

All in all a wonderful end to a not so good week.

Today I am off to London with MJ. We are seeing Christy for dinner and bevies. YAY!!!


Catch me Daddy


Birthday Girl


We had our first really nice weekend


She already has the boys doing all the work!

world gone crazy

We got home yesterday from the hospital to find that the world had gone a little crazy.

My mind still cannot wrap itself completely around someone going onto a college campus and killing 33 people. It just doesn’t seem real to me. Not only killing but to have thought it through enough to chain the doors and walk through the halls looking for the people to kill. My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends and to all students on every college campus around the word. University is supposed to be a safe place to learn, grow and enjoy new experiences.

No one should ever have to deal with this, ever.

Manic Monday

Sunday we had more rain than we usually get for the whole month of April, so we awoke Monday to an email from our upstairs neighbor saying that there was about 2 feet of water in our basement. Yup that would be the same basement where we have all of our stuff that doesn’t fit in our apartment.

Since we were running around trying to get things together to take Ellie in for surgery and the land lord had been called to come pump it out , we decided to wait till we got home to see what had been affected. This morning we found mostly wet clothes and some of Ellie’s toys from when she was younger. So I am washing all day today. The only thing I am worried about is our pre lit Christmas tree. I guess we will see next year if it still works or not.

We got to the hospital – via Dunkin Donuts – no problem and Ellie’s surgery went well. They were in an out quickly compared to all of her other surgeries. The only problem was she was a bit angry (actually, let me call it what it was – she was pissed off) when she woke up.  She woke up very quickly after surgery, so they gave her something to help her sleep hoping she would be in a better mood the next time she woke up. Nope, not so much. She was still mad and cranky.

The only way to solve it was to get her out of the hospital, so we gave her a ice lollie and bundled her into the car where she stopped crying and yelling as soon as she got into her new car seat and was fine for the rest of the night.

the ailen, I mean the wire pre op
A quick post-op cuddle
Sleeping, you would never know she was about to have a crazy melt down

It is amazing how strong she is. I know it wasn’t anything to major but she was almost back to her normal self last night. You would have never known. She was awake only once during the night, I think she might have been hurting a little but after some water and some medicine she was back off to sleep.

What a manic Monday.

Planning a dream

To get our minds off of Monday, and to get us out of the house, we drove down to NY City and went to the New York Auto Show today. It was surprisingly fun. We saw so many really cool cars and were able to sit in and play around with everything in one place. It was in the Javits Center in the city and took up 3 huge floors. (Jealous Julie?) It was crazy but very cool.
Ken saw and was able to get close to his dream – the concept Camaro. They should be out in 2009 and he keeps saying that he’s buying one in 2010. We will see. It is actually very cool but don’t tell him I said it.


Ellie wasn’t too happy to be in her pushchair


Ken’s Dream

Ken pointing out the Camaro in case I didn’t see

A few of my favorite concept cars





A very tired Ellie on the way home

A good day all around.


The ailen is being removed at 11:00 A.M. on Monday morning at the hospital here.  We talked to her surgeon in Boston and he felt it was ok to have the surgeons here perform the procedure.

The surgeon will go in and remove the wire that is poking out.  The others will remain in forever, unless they become a problem as well.  It should only take about a hour total and then recovery period.  If all goes well we will be home Monday night.  I hate that she has to have anything else done but at least this is simple compared to what she has had done before.

Hate to ask this again but keep us in your thoughts and prayers on Monday.

What a Friday the 13th huh?

Alien has been identified

Ken took Ellie to see her Cardio in New Haven on Wednesday and the alien bump on her chest is really one of the wires that were put in to hold her sterum together after her surgery. It has slid or popped and is pointing up instead of flat and is actually right under the skin. A hard fall or impact to her chest could make it acutally poke through her skin.

Yup, try telling an almost toddler to be careful and not to fall on her chest. Fun. In fact it seems as if in the few hours I have been home from my trip she has fallen or hit her chest at least 50 times.
All of this means that they need to do surgery again.  The surgeon will go in and snip, take out, or bend back the wire so that it is flat again. We are waiting to hear from her surgeon in Boston. The doctors here in New Haven can do it and want to do it but  we want to check with the surgeon who did the orginial surgery. He did such a wonderful job before and we feel like he will want to be the one to do it.

We have been told it is very simple, they will put her under go in and do what needs to be done with the wires, pack it and then sew her up again. If all goes well, she would be in hospital no more than a night if that.

The doctors want it done sooner rather than later to make sure she doesn’t do anything else to it. She doesn’t seem to concerned. It think it iches and she gets annoyed if you touch it but besides that you would never know.

For those who like this kind of thing, check back later and Ken is going to scan the X-ray for you guys to see.

Besides tha, Brussels was great. The weather was beautiful – in the high 60s and sunny -and I walked around for a few hours came back and met the crew for a beer. Yum, Belgum Beer, it was so pretty we sat outside. It was a real bummer to land back in Newark in 40 degree wet and rainy weather. New Haven weather didn’t get any better cold – in the high 30s – and rainy. Yick. It is APRIL right?

Easter Fun

We awoke this morning to Ellie saying Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny so we headed into see what he had left.  Boy did he do himself proud.  Loads of goodies.

I cooked a big yummie dinner and we feasted on Ham and veggies and finished with chocolate lava cake and a little of Ellies goodies.

If was a very good day full of family, food and fun.

All lined up for Ellie
I’ll take that one
Daddy checking out the goodies.
Easter Best (thanks Auntie MJ) – poor bunny is having a bad day.
Ellie and Grandmaw doing what they have been doing all weekend – Walking


Monday night, when I was giving Ellie her bath, I noticed that she had a weird lump on her chest. It was very pronounced (about the size of a marbel) and hard. You can see it even through her onies. I asked Ken if he had noticed it over the weekend and he said no. So it was a new developement.

Back to the Doctors we went yesterday to have it checked out. Her doctor was a bit perplexed, it didn’t look or feel like anything that they would normally think it would be – too hard to be scar tissue, too round to be a bone. We were sent to the hopsital for a X-ray to see if that would tell us more. That didn’t help much. From the inside things look just fine, only different thing would be that one of the wires that held her sterum together after her open heart surgery was pointing forward instead of back. They think it might have been knocked against and caused a bruise because there is clearly something on the outside.

Ellie, the tooper she is, isn’t to bothered by it. Just a bit annoyed that everyone is touching it.

We talked to Dr. Marks (her cardio. in Boston) and he wants Dr. Asnes (her cardio here in New Haven) to just have a quick look at her to make sure it is nothing to be concerned about. We are waiting to see when Dr. Asnes can fit us into his schedule.

Since no one really knows what it is, Ken keeps calling it the alien. He says “Ellie has an alien growing out of her chest.”

Lets hope not…

When while we are freezing up here.  It has only been in the 40s and it has been raining alll day.  They even said the rain might turn into snow tonight.  It is supposed to be cold all weekend.

It is April right?

While the cats away…

I was flying all weekend (a trip with Mj that all I can say about it is thank god Mj was on the trip).  While I was away Ken and Ellie had too much fun.  They went shopping and a slide just happened to jump into the cart.


Ellie loves it and is having a ball sliding all of her toys and herself down it.  How can you be angry when she is having so much fun.

We have been just hanging out – it has only been in the 40s this weekend –  and getting ready for Grandmaw and Aunt Sis to visit this weekend.