Sheep and Wool Festival

Yesterday we all piled into the car and drove up to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival. I wanted to go drool over some yarn, Ellie wanted to go see baby sheep and Ken was just along for the ride and adventure (bless him).

It was a really fun day. The weather was beautiful -sunny and not too hot. We drove through some really quaint villages in Mass. We finally got to see what we thought New England was going to look like when we moved here.

There were loads of beautiful yarns to see and feel and I even tried spinning (pure wool into the knitable kind). It was very relaxing but a bit time consuming, maybe a hobby for the future.

Ellie got to see and pet sheep, lambs, goats, angora rabbits and even a llama. She loved it and cried when we left the barns.

Another great adventure day.


In the sheep barns


They put coats on them after they’re groomed to keep them clean for showing


A trim before showing

The yarn’s got me Mummy!!


Me too!!!


Lambie-kins Hat

Knitting, Wine, oh and the Eiffel Tower

Just got back from Paris last night. It was actually a really good trip. A little bit of drama in First Class but I was in coach and we all just clicked very well.

It was a bit overcast but warm so I did one of my favorite things to do in the world, went to the Eiffel Tower for a picnic.

I took a baguette, cheese, a bottle of wine and my knitting (I know what a geek, huh). It was wonderful and relaxing just sitting there watching the children and dogs play while I knitted away, drank wine and munched on my snacks. I did miss my hunny because, as always, there were tons of lovers at the Eiffel Tower.

All in all a really good relaxing layover in one of my favorite cities in the world.


It seems that the weather may have finally broken and Spring may have sprung. Since I got home on Friday, it has only been in the 40s and low 50s. Yicky and cold. I even had to break down and turn on the heat.

Today dawned pretty, in the high 60s and sunny. When we lived in England every Sunday was adventure day. A chance to see a little of where we were living. We have decided to continue this here in New England.

We went to West Rock Ridge State Park and had a bit of a walk this afternoon. It was wonderful being outside in the sun and the lake was really pretty, maybe Connecitcut is as beautiful as everyone keeps telling us it is.

the lake through the trees
rockin’ it
forest stroll
enjoying some sun
nice Dora hat

Crazy Week

Sorry it has been so long but we have had a crazy week or so.

Last Friday (May 4th) we drove down to Virginia after Ken got off of work. It took us about 9 hours (all I can say is thank God for DVD players) we got there early Sat. morning. Sat. night we went to Heather’s (a friend of mine from high school and college) wedding. Auntie Kathe and Auntie Julie – with a little help from Kathe’s nieces, Hannah, Sarah, and Emma – had Ellie duty for the night.

Sunday – Wednesday was spent hanging out with friends and visiting old places. It really made us homesick for Hampton Roads and all of our friends there.

Wednesday we were back on the road again for Roanoke – five more hours in the car (have I said how much I love DVD players).

We visited and played in Roanoke. My cousin Monique’s, baby shower was on Sat. It was great seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile and she got so much really cool stuff. It almost made me a little broody – almost.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and since the whole family was in town for the shower, my cousin had a big cookout at her house. We were able to see the baby’s room and we did a surprise for my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary which is at the end of this month. Ken says we won’t make it to our 60th because we’ll be too old. I guess we’ll see.
We loaded up and left around 2 p.m. to drive to Charlottesville to see Ken’s Mom for about an hour. She was in town for Ken’s uncle Ron’s retirement from UVA (he was a professor there for 38 years). It was so cool to see both of our Moms on Mother’s Day.

We left Charlottesville around 5 p.m. and drove home. Pulled into the driveway around 1:30 a.m. tired but glad to be home.

It was a packed and fun week. Thank you so much to Kathe, Joey, Jennifer, Julie, MJ, Bill, Mom and Dad for making us so comfortable and giving us places to crash and yummie food to eat and most of all love.

Blushing Bride and Groom
Hey Cuz – Miranda and Ellie
Playtime with Friends – (from left) Thom, Henry, Finn, Ken and Ellie
Dad’s new project
I don’t want to get off the swing
I said I don’t want to get off the swing
Yup there’s a baby in there
A quick family pic before we left
Grandma and Ellie on Mother’s Day