Early Birthday

I cannot believe it has already been two years.  My cousin Monique is right now just days from her due date and I cannot help but relive a little of my last days with her.  It seems unreal that Ellie has been with us for two years.  Sometimes it feels like we have always had her other times it seems like no time at all.

Since we are going to be traveling on Ellie’s 2nd Birthday we decided to celebrate a day early.

So I sent cup cakes to school with her on Thursday for her class.  We picked her up and got a pizza to bring home from Pe Pe’s her fav, came home and let her have pizza and watch Nemo her other most fav thing to do.

After pizza we had ice cream cake and a few pressies.  Her big pressie  was a swing set that Ken got for her a few weeks ago.

Happy Birthday Ellie Beth.




more movie stuff

Harrison Ford is now in town.  Ken took a ride yesterday on his bike and got some really good pictures of the props.  Good thing he was on his bike because they were yelling at people taking pictures on foot and shooing them away.  He was too spry and fast on his bike.




Movie Time

Hollywood has come to town, part of the new Indiana Jones film is being filmed right here in New Haven. (www.newhavenindependent.org/archives/2007/05/city_clears_pat.php)

They have transformed a few of the local streets and shops to look like 1950s for a big chase seen.

Last night they had a big party to help kick it off. There was a bouncy castle and the Aerial Angels (www.angelsintheair.com) performed. Ellie loved the carousel and coxed us into letting her ride it three times. An orchestra played music from all three movies and at 9:00 they showed Raiders of the Lost Arc on a big screen. We met up with Pam and her crew and Ellie and Charlotte had a great time running around on the Green.

The filming starts tomorrow. I might have to go snoop and see what I can see. OOOHHH, how exciting.





Ya Ya

My Ya yas and I have been together for more than a few years now. We used to get together and drink, talk, goto the beach and just have tons of fun. This past weekend we had a bit of a reunion. Wine was drunk, talk was had -even if it was interrupted every once in awhile by the cries for Mommy – and we all reconnected. We couldn’t help but ask why it had taken us so long to do it (we all know it is because of physical distance, Kerry in Cali, Mel in Nv then Nj, me in England now Ct.) but we vowed to not have it be so long next time.


Mj, Kerry, and baby Jillian


We did have beautiful off-spring didn’t we.


Mel, Heather, Dylan, Jillian, Connor, Ellie

All the Ya yas together again

Happy Daddy’s Day

Ken wanted Krispy Kreme for his father’s day breakfast and who I am to argue. We started the day off right and spent the rest of the day lounging. Ken said all he wanted to do was hang with Ellie, watch golf and have a big steak on the grill for dinner.

That was easy. Ellie asked me to pick Daddy up some beer in Brussels so he had the good stuff and I didn’t even burn the steak (YAY).

What a nice warm day it turned out to be.

Happy Daddy’s Day to my Daddy as well. I love you.

I love you Daddy but look how yummy that donut looks.

Last week’s trips didn’t go exactly like we planned.  MJ and I did our Brussels, the weather was wonderful and we had dinner at our fav. place and of course a cherry beer or two (or was it three).

We got back on Wed. from Brussels late and were unable to work out to Manchester that night.  We were both reassigned domestic trips.  MJ went to Atlanta for a 22 hour layover and I went to Dallas.  Imagine my surprise when I realised that the same thing had happened to Adrian – a friend of mine-  and we were working Dallas together.  It was super cool because Adrian lives in Dallas and I went to her house.  It is truely beautiful.

Adrian, her husband Justin and I had yummy Mexican food and a marg. and caught up.

I was back home Friday afternoon earlier than I thought I would be because of the change.  What a difference working domestic after being International for so long.  I don’t think I am ready yet to be back full time.  I think I will miss Europe too much.

Things sometimes don’t work out the way you plan them but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a wonderful time anyway.

Gone all week

After a very raining and relaxing weekend I am off again today.  Tonight to Brussels with MJ and then I piggy backed it with a Manchester on Wed.  That means I will come in from Brussels on Wednesday at lunch time and then go out that night to Manchester.  It will be hard but at least I am doing the whole thing with MJ and I will be done for the rest of the month after that.  YAY.

Ken and Ellie will be fending for themselves all week so send them good thoughts.  They will proberly have the time of their lives – you know while the cats away…

Have a wonderful week.

life’s a picnic

I made is home on Thursday night – after sitting in heavy traffic, it took me 3 hours instead of the normal hour and 45 min- still a trolley dollie. I passed recurrent and don’t have to worry about it again for another year.

nappybutt.JPGFriday was spent with my two favorite people, Ellie and Kenny. We had a picnic on the sea wall in Morris Cove. It was such a pretty night, 75 degrees and not too humid or windy. Chicken was eaten and since is was someone’s prom we got to see loads of bright candy colored prom dresses as people filed off of rented buses and limos to have their pictures taken by the water before heading off. It made me think of my prom. I didn’t go with a boyfriend but a friend which made it all the more fun because I got to hang out with whoever I wanted. Ahh memories.