Beach Week

Last Friday we packed up (and I do mean packed up) the car and drove down to Va. Beach for the week. We hit traffic and it took us longer than we expected but we made it.

Once we got there all we had to do for a whole week was relax, hang at the beach, drink more than a few margaritas, and enjoy friends and family. We had a cookout on Sunday and were able to see loads of our friends.
The rest of the week was full of good food (all of our favorite places) and wonderful company. We got wonderful weather, in the 80’s with not too much humidity. It was just perfect.
I couldn’t have asked for a better week. It was so good that I didn’t even remember to take pictures half the time. I guess I just wanted to take in the moment. (Don’t get me wrong I took my fair share just not as many as I usually do if you want to see a few of the ones I took take a look at

I was once told a good vacation is one that you aren’t ready to come home from when it is time. If that is true then this past week was one of the best ever!!!


Our first couple of days were a bit windy


after a long day at the beach even Sandy was worn out


How could I have gone to Paris and the Sacre Coeur in Montemont so many times in the past and not realized that it is one of the best places in Paris to buy fabric. There is store after store full to overflowing with the most amazing colors and prints.

I was dazed. I couldn’t focus. I really wished we had a house. Maybe it is a good thing we don’t because I would have spent way to much money on fabric for curtains and pillows and chairs. It was all so beautiful and reasonably priced. I even found a yarn shop with the softest yarn all made in France.

All said I was pretty well behaved. Only two things of fabric and 3 balls of yarn, but oh, did I want to spend more…


A room with a view, must’ve known it was bday week


One of the fabric shops in Montemarte


My yarn shop on the corner (the one with the pink sign) in the shadow of Sacre Coeur


Now when I am watching all those home shows and they talk about the fabric coming from Paris I know where they shopped.

Birthday Week

When I was younger Birthday week was a huge deal.  Instead of one day, I would get a week.  Not pressies everyday but fun things.  Everyone had to be nice to me and we got to watch and do the things I wanted for Birthday week.

As I get older it just doesn’t seem to be such a big deal.  People who love me are nice to me everyday anyway and if I speak up I can do what I want most days.

That said I cannot really complain at all about this Birthday week.

Going to Paris today (one of my favs) and to the beach this weekend with a few of my favorite people to see even more of my favorite people.  All in all not a bad week planned ahead.

Cookout and baseball

Ah Summer….

Yesterday we had Pam and Charlotte over for a cookout. Yummy burgers and corn on the grill and watermelon!!

Charlotte and Ellie had a blast on the swing set and Ken, Pam and I had a great time just hanging out and talking. What a good afternoon.

Today we took Ellie to her first baseball game. We drove to Shea Stadium and watched the Reds vs. the Mets. It was a beautiful day and we had covered seats so we didn’t have to worry about the sun beating down on us. It was awesome. The Mets beat our poor Reds, but Ellie seemed to enjoy it anyway. She loved all the excitement, singing and clapping. She even didn’t mind all the traffic on the way home. Every time a car blew its horn at someone she would say, “Beep-Beep!” in the back.


Just a swingin’.


Nothing like a hot dog at a baseball game.


Outside the stadium, remnants of a World’s Fair.


Went to Boston today for Ellie’s check up.

They put her to sleep and got some really great pictures of her heart.

Dr. Marx was very pleased and excited about what he saw. The left ventricle has relaxed a bit and Dr. Marx says he has no doubt that it will work and continue to work. The mitral valve is still a bit small but the pressures in her heart look good right now. The true test on the valve will come as Ellie gets bigger and older and she may need a valve replacement in the future, but for now things are really good and we are focusing on that.
Ellie has gained weight (she is now 20 pounds 9 oz.), has grown taller (32 inches), is walking and very active and those are the true tests right now.
Next appointment – six months. YAY!!!


In my life I can honesty say there are almost no things I dislike as much as slugs. Living in England, I developed a whole new dislike – I might even say hate- for the slimy gross creatures. They eat your beautiful flowers, take over your garden and leave nothing but holes, distruction and slimy trails behind. Now it looks like they have followed me here, I couldn’t bring myself to kill it but I did knock it to the other side of the yard far away from my flower planters.


A slug our my front porch last night.


Oh Baby Baby!!!

Monique gave birth this afternoon (July 11) at 2:55 p.m. to baby Sasha. She was 7 pounds 14 oz and 20 inches long. Monique has sent me pictures and she is just beautiful!!! I cannot wait to meet her and give her loads of kisses.


Baby’s Coming

Monday my cousin – Monique- was officially one week late. So after a visit to the Docs it was decided, if nothing happened before then, that they would induce her tomorrow (wed.) morning first thing (7:00am).

That means soon we will meet the newest member of our family. YAY!!! Now we have a day 7/11!!!

Please join with me tomorrow morning sending good thoughts and prayers her way for a quick and healthy delivery.

I love you Monique and cannot wait to meet your little girl.