Last week we decided to take a last summer weekend break.  We loaded up the car and drove to Niagara Falls to play tourist for a few days.  It was so amazing the photos don’t do it justice.  The power and scale is amazing and you cannot believe people have actually gone over them and survived.

We left on Thursday and it took us 8 1/2 hours (a bit longer than we thought it would) to get there.  For fun, we stayed at a KOA and did a semi-camping trip.  KOA has these fun camp kabins (their spelling not mine) that are one room with a bunk bed and a double bed, one light bulb and one socket.  Nothing fancy, we cook over a camp fire and had to walk to the shower and bathroom but it was a fun way to see what camping with a two year old would be like.

Ellie did well and had fun running around the camp site.  (sorry no picts of that because the camera decided to “jump” off the table at a dinner show – – we went to on Friday night and so we only have pictures until then.

Friday we played around the Falls.  Did the Maid of the Mist boat ride into the falls, the walk behind the falls, a really fun dinner show where our waiter also sang and danced and ended the day with fire works down by the falls.

Saturday we went to the butterfly conservatory and to see the IMAX.

Sunday (after a two hour wait to cross the border back into the States) we drove home.

A fun filled weekend and great way to end the Summer.






being splashed by the falls



Ellie and Ken enjoying the dinner show


something is dead…

…in my kitchen.

I don’t know what it is but boy does it smell!!

We have torn the kitchen apart, scrubbed everything twice, and still cannot find it so it must be behind a cabinet out of reach. I guess we just have to deal with the smell for a few more days, until then burn candles and have the windows open to try to air it out.

But the smell is KILLING me!!!

work and school

Last week was full of work for me.

I went to Cologne on Sunday, got back on Tuesday.  Left Wednesday for Dublin and finally made it home on Friday afternoon.  Now I am done for the rest of the month.  YAY!!

Both trips went well and the weather was nice.  Had a bit of a walk around both cities and even a beer in Germany and a glass of wine with the crew in Dublin.

This past weekend was full of trying to catch up on missed sleep and doing a little back to school shopping for Ellie.  She starts her new school next Wednesday and since we are a bit tired of putting pants on her to only have them fall off her before we have gotten out of the house we went out yesterday (Ct. finally jumped on the band wagon and had tax free on just clothes and shoes for a few days) and got her some overalls.  No more falling off.


The Cologne Dom


Where I had dinner and a beer in Cologne


I wasn’t the only one cathcing up on sleep this past weekend


Back to school shopping

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers

MJ’s son Connor (pictured below) is having his tonsils out this morning…


David (Cynthia’s son) is having a heart cath on Thursday to see how things are going after his last open heart surgery.

Please keep these two youngies and their mommys and daddys in mind over the next few days.

I am off again tonight to Dublin. Back on Friday.

bristol and beers

Mj and I had a very good trip. No real drama on the flights (we worked in F/C together and ruled the cabin) and no delays.

The weather was horrible when we got there, but had cleared up by the time we got up from our naps. We walked and walked. I saw a little of my old stomping grounds. Hard to believe it was 13 years ago that I was there in school.

We stopped at a riverside cafe for dinner and some pints. Dinner was yummy and the pints went down without any bones. Heehee.

All around a great trip. Going to miss MJ on my next one.



A crazy painting on the side of a wall in town.

After a few pints…