Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful night. Ellie had a blast going to a few houses and then helping us hand out candy on the front porch. I think she enjoyed seeing all the other kids dressed up. She even kept her costume on the whole time and said her favorite part of the day was dressing like a lady bug.

I hope everyones Halloween was as much fun as ours was.



our pumpkin



trick or treat

Fun in the sun and rain

We’ve been traveling the last week or so. First to the sun in Fla for the weekend. Then, Ken went to a conference in Seattle and Ellie and I headed to my parents in Va to visit while Ken was gone.

We had fun in Fla. Enjoying the warmth of the sun and family it was hard to leave especially since Ken was headed to the notoriously rainy Northwest and I to Roanoke which had been suffering from a drought that decided to break while I was there and rain for 4 days straight. They needed the rain so badly that I couldn’t complain and it gave me a chance to spent a couple of days with family relaxing and catching up.

A good time was had all around but we were glad to finally all make it home last night and to spend at least a few days together before I have to head back to work.


Ken’s Godfather Uncle Jimmy, with Corbet, Ken, Ellie, Jake and I


at the beach


Jake and Ellie at the beach


Laney and Ellie at the beach


October fest


cookie baking with nanny


Ellie in a sweater my Nanny-poo made for me, hard to believe it is over 30 years old.

Happy Heart Day

Hard to believe that one year ago today we were in Boston waiting to see what they were going to do to Ellie’s heart. The amazing doctors there pulled off a miracle and were able to repair her wonky heart.

I almost feel like today is more her Birthday than her actual Birthday because this is the day she was given a whole new life.

There are whole days that go by now that we almost forget but never a day goes by that we don’t appreciate the gift we have been given. Happy Heart Day Ellie Beth!


October 23, 2006


October 23, 2007

Laughs, dinner, match and home

Back from Dublin, what a weird fun trip. There was a big football -soccer- match at the stadium across from our hotel. 88,000 people all watching and cheering on either Ireland or Germany. It made for an interesting walk around town as well. Everyone had gone all out to support their teams.


temple bar was heaving with supports and drinkers

I was with MJ so we had loads of laughs, yummy veggie dinner, more laughs, a pint and watched the match on tellie while we heard it going on right outside the window.


from the balcony of the hotel that is the stadium behind us

It was fun but as always I am glad to be home and done with work for the month.

Ahh Dublin

Just got back from a trip that was a little too much fun. The whole crew (well almost just minus one) all hung out and I wouldn’t be lying to say a bit of wine was consumed. It has been a really long time since I flew with a whole crew that wasn’t all friends that gelled the way we did. Kind of like the “good ol’ days.”

It was extra fun because I was with Mj. and we did a little shopping and a lot of talking and catching up.


Put a Fork in me…

…I am done. Well at least until next week.

After flying 9 out of the last 11 days I am finally done. When I think back to how I used to fly 15 to 18 days in a row, I don’t know how I did it. I guess back then I wasn’t doing the 2+ hour drive each way in between and coming home to a two year old. Maybe I’m just getting soft.

Hamburg was really pretty. I happened to be there on National Unification Day, the celebration of the unification of West and East Germany established in 1990, so everything was closed for the holiday.

I did take a walk and had a coffee by the water. The weather was really nice and I was even able to sneak in a schnitzel and a beer.

Now home for the weekend for some quality time with Kenny and Ellie. Off to Dublin Monday with MJ.


Almost looks like Venice


There were swans everywhere


The lake in Hamburg