I was ironing this morning getting ready for the 9 day stretch (three trips back to back) I start on Sunday when Ellie came running into the room yelling “Look at my mittens, Mummy.”


Upon closer inspection I realized that the mittens in question were really two of my Tiffany jewelery bags. I guess she broke into my jewelery box and found two of the empty bags.


She refused to give them up and happy ran away with them on her hands.


I guess this proves that Tiffany really is a girl’s best friend no matter what her age.

No ornament, No cry

Every year Ken and I get an ornament to decorate the tree to help us remember the year.  Our first year together was snowmen snuggling with our names on it (since we met and got engaged), the next year a baby to come ornament, then a new baby one, last year was a Yale emblem and a pair of scrubs (because of Ellie’s sugery).

When we decorated the tree this year we realized that there was nothing major this year.  There was nothing we had to have an ornament to remember.  This made us smile and thank our blessings for an uneventful year.

So we ended up with a Christmas pickle (thank you Laney for telling us the tradition) and a Sandbridge ornament  to remember our vacation.


Those go on the tree Ellie Beth


Ellie helping to hide the Christmas Pickle (behind the Snowman)


The final touch

Showers, Chocolate, and Turkey

Last Sat I flew down to Va. Beach for Julie’s baby shower. Kathe and I ran around Sat afternoon and cooked Sunday morning to get ready for it. It really turned out well lots of people and really cute baby stuff – almost enough to make me broody, almost – and the food was super yummy – if I do say so myself.

The best bit was getting to hang out with Kathe and going to see the nursery and spending a little time with Julie. It was a great girls time and I love when you work hard and see the end result. Remember that Julie in a few weeks. Hard work then a beautiful result.

I went straight from Va. to work, flew a Brussels trip Mon. – Wed. (which always means chocolate and beer), then Ken and Ellie picked me up from the airport and we drove down to Penn. for Thanksgiving with Scott, Julie, Laney and Jake (Ken’s brother, sister-in-law and their kids).

It was great. The kids all got along and we ate way too much good food.

Ken and Julie started Thanksgiving Day off with the 5K “Turkey Trot” run. It went right through their neighborhood so Ellie, Laney and I went up to cheer them on to the end.

We had dinner at Julie’s Mom’s house and even got a little bit of Black Friday shopping in on Friday morning before heading back to Ct. Friday afternoon.

This weekend we put the tree up and unpacked before crazy Dec. begins.

There is always time for resting in Jan. right?


Mom to Be


Run Julie and Ken, Run


Daddy and Ellie

Day of Firsts

Ellie had her flu shot and 2 1/2 year check up yesterday. It was the first time she tipped the scales at over 22 lbs. She is officially 22.04 lbs and 33 inches long. YAY!!

It was the first time she hasn’t been crazy when she got a shot. She just sat there took the shot told the Doctor thank you and walked out. I couldn’t believe it.

We also took her for her first hair cut last night. There is an all kids hair cutting place called Snip – Its ( near us so we took her in for her first real hair cut. Ellie loved it. She sat completely still and let her cut and blow dry her hair.
What an exciting day of firsts.


Sitting in the chair like a big girl


Laura – the hair dresser- was a pro, fast and good


A lock of hair and an after pic to commemorate the day

getting paid for it

This past weekend I picked up a four day London trip.  This meant that I arrived at London Gatwick airport on Sat. morning and didn’t leave until Monday morning.  My parents flew over on Northwest and met me at Gatwick.  I rented a car and drove us the 1hour 45 min. to Sawston to my families.

I was able to see all of my relatives except for my one Aunt, Uncle and there little one on Sat.  Sat night we went to a 60th wedding anniversary party for one of my Dad’s cronies up at the pub.  I mean can you believe 60 years.  I teared up when they had a dance together.  I forgot my camera so I didn’t get any pictures but it was truely touching.
Sunday was Rememberance Day (like our Veterans Day).  There was a parade in the Village so went down for that then went to Dinner at my cousin Sean’s house.  Nikki (his wife) and Sean put on a huge full Sunday Roast up for us.  It was so yummy and the family time made it hard for me to get in the car and do the drive back to London Sunday night.

Made it back no problem, I guess driving on the wrong side really does come right back to you  like riding a bike.  Flew home yesterday and got loads of cuddles from Ken and Ellie for being gone so long.  I wish they could have come with for the visit but Ellie had a cold so we decided against it.

The whole time I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to visit with my family.  Mom and Dad are  back on Sunday.  Nanny – poo has been sick (she had MRSA) but is much better now so we all felt we needed to go see her and give her extra cuddles.

Nanny-poo is a speed demon on her scooter, everyone jumps out of the way when they see her coming and hardly slows down for anything
Rememberance Day parade
Me with Jaime and Cloe (Sean’s little ones)