Happy Belated…

…Christmas.  I hope Santa was as good to all of you as he was to us!!

We spent Christmas Eve at the Children’s museum and visiting Ken’s family.  His Mom made a big dinner and we went to his cousins for dessert and fun.  It was great seeing the family.


Christmas morning we rose early, packed the car -which took all of Ken’s Jedi packing skills and a hour of packing- and got on the road home.  We took a pit stop at Ken’s brother’s house for dinner but our bed was calling us so we powered through, made it in about 13 hours.

The last few weeks have been a crazy but wonderful time.   Thank you to everyone for making our Christmas special and it was great being able to see so many of you.

To tell the truth, we are happy for the boring calmness of home (at least for a few days).

Part 3

Last night we went to downtown Cinici. to check things out. They have a huge model train display (we missed it being open by 10 mins but you can see it through the window) and Santa repelled down the side of Macy’s. There were fireworks and since it was 60 degrees outside it was great being outside.






Christmas Fun Part 2

Our week of Christmas fun has continued with only one or two blips. We took Ellie to the doctor on Wednesday and she has walking pneumonia and is on antibiotics so she is feeling much better. Me – not so much. I was off to the doctors today to find out I have a nasty throat infection and I am now on antibiotics as well. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Ken stays strong.

Besides all of that we are still having lots of fun at Grandmaw’s. Last night we went to the Cincinnati Zoo for their festival of lights. It was super cool to see the whole zoo decorated with thousands of lights.

We had hot cider and ginger bread men and even got to see real reindeer.



This trees light blinked to the music


Santa’s Reindeer


I am pretty sure this isn’t how I got the throat infection

A night away

As a Christmas gift my Mom and Dad gave Ken and I a night away at a wonderful B&B complete with babysitting for the night.

The Mountain Rose Inn (http://www.mountainrose-inn.com)  isn’t but a a hour and a half away and we had been there before a few years back and had a great time.


We explored a few local covered bridges.




Hung out the in the parlor of the B&B by the real wood fire and mostly relaxed and enjoyed the peace and luxury of having to be nowhere at any certain time.


It was a wonderful Christmas pressie and a wonderful night away.


Christmas Fun

A little bit of Christmas fun at Nanny and Granddads.

It started with the annual Cookie Day at my cousin Monique’s house. All the women in the family get together and bring at least two types of cookies each. We have a lunch and exchange cookies so everyone ends up with loads of different cookies and no one has to bake too much.



Then came the family Christmas party always a crazy fun and food filled time.



We also took Ellie to see Santa and to ride the train at the Mall.


So far it has been a great Christmas and there is still more to come.

Christmas Market

Last weekend I had a layover in Brussels with MJ.  We were lucky enough to be there fr the famous Christmas Msrket,

It was cold and rainy and need I say that at least one gleuwein – warm wine- was consumed.

We had fun looking at all the stalls and eating yummy waffles.  It really got us in the spirit.




the Grand Plaza


really cool carosel

Lily Kate!!!

Lily Kate Harrell was born yesterday at a little after 12 noon. She may have been a little early but she weight in at a little over 7 pounds and was 19 inches long so she was done for sure (I know Julie was).


Julie and Lily are both doing great and Kathe went over to the hospital last night and took a few pics for me. (Thank you so much Kathe for doing this for me. You know this is killing me not being there to see and cuddle her.)


CONGRATS to the new Mom and Dad and cannot wait to hold the precious bundle!!!

Just plane weary

Last Sunday I drove down to Newark early because of the snow and started my two weeks of flying.  Left Sunday night for Brussels (which was nice they have a huge Christmas market and the whole city is decorated) got back on Tuesday morning then left Tuesday night for Dublin.  I did little more that sleep, eat and watch tv in Dublin I was so tired.

Got back on Thursday, drove home and have today off before I head back to Brussels tomorrow.  At least I will have MJ on the trip tomorrow and it will be my last of the month.  So the first two weeks will have been rough but I will be done on the 10th for the whole month.  YAY.

Hopefully by  then my hubby and Ellie will still remember what I look like.