Kitchen room

One of the things about having children is that they point out the things in life that seem normal as an adult but are really silly.
The other day Ellie said something was in the kitchen room.   I told her it was the kitchen not the kitchen room and she told me no it was kitchen room.  When I thought about it, it really made more since her way.  I mean we have bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms so why not kitchen rooms?

Under attack

I’ve got a crazy cough that just won’t let me go.

It started at Christmas. I thought it was gone after about a week but it was really just lying dormant, waiting to attack again. The attack came last week, coughing all night, not being able to sleep. Then seemed to ease, so I went to work on Tuesday. Off to Paris for cheese, wine, pain au chocolats or so I thought. Wrong!
Off I went to cough my way across the Atlantic and back.  I returned with almost no voice and feeling not so peachy.
Friday I was back at the doctor trying to get something to get rid of the evilness. It seems to be easing a little I just hope it isn’t just garnering it strength for another attack. Not a fun way to spend a bank holiday weekend.
Meanwhile, I haven’t posted pictures of what I have been working on in a long time. I made all kinds of stuff for Christmas and didn’t take a single picture. Silly me. What was I busy or something? So here is what I have been doing since Christmas, including what I currently have on the needles.


Pasta and Musicals

Beware when cooking pasta, especially curly pasta like cellentani. Test to see if it is done with care, because boiling water can come out of the bottom and burn a blister onto your bottom lip. Not that I would know anything about that.
On to better things. Ken and I watched the movie Once – – the other night. It is a modern day musical and very good. The whole thing takes place in Dublin. It gives you a real feel for the city and it was very cool seeing them walk down streets that I know so well from my layovers. I was even shocked to see the tasty vegetarian cafe Cornucopia,, that Mj and I have gone to on a layover.

I recommend Once, it is romantic, moving and something a little bit different. Just be careful if cooking pasta to eat while watching.


Thursday we went to Boston for Ellie’s six month check up with her heart doctor, Dr. Marx.

We couldn’t have asked for her to be any better. She let them put “stickers” on her and do her EKG and even sat still and watched a video so they could do a 45 min echo. They got wonderful pictures of her heart.

So here is the verdict, she is gaining weight on the Ellie curve and getting taller (22lbs 5oz and 36 inches long).

Dr. Marx was happy to see her running around and very active.

The pressure in her heart (the one across her mitral valve) has increased. We have always know that the mitral valve that was created was a bit small and our hope was that it would grow and stretch. That doesn’t appear to be the case so far. It doesn’t seem to effect her too much and her doctor wants to wait another six months and see where we are then.

In six months there will be another echo and if the pressures have increased they will want to do a cardiac catheter to get a more accurate pressure reading and to maybe try to balloon and stretch the valve. This would all be done before we would have to consider anything more invasive and hopefully it won’t come to that. For now we are in wait and see mode and we’ll let her do her thing. As long as she continues (no matter how slowly) to grow and gain weight and is active they want to wait and give the valve a chance to grow by itself.

It was a good visit, we even missed traffic so it only took us 2 1/2 hours each way.

Happy 2008

They say what you do on New Years Day is what you will do for the rest of the year.

Well, I am going to work.  At least I had this morning with Ken and Ellie before I had to get ready and head off to Milan tonight.

Have a wonderful day and make sure you do something fun, you might end up doing it all year if not.