Como and Snow

Wednesday MJ and I had a Milan trip. We actually got to ride and not work the way over because they needed us for a bigger plane for the trip back. So we got to talk, catch up on gossip with each other and in the mags and have a little snooze.

When we got into Milan, we went straight out. I had been wanting to go up to Lake Como for years. It always seemed too much on a normal layover but with the little snooze we had and with MJ to keep me going we took off. It was a really pretty day, a bit hazy but not too cold and sunny. The lake itself was beautiful. I guess I thought the city would be full of shee shee fru fru shops and people and that wasn’t the case. Maybe in the summertime but right now in the dead of winter it was mostly locals and a lot of shops were closed. If you are wondering- despite avid looking- we didn’t see hide or hair of George Clooney.

After dinner, some red wine and a snooze we were back on the plane heading to Newark and a snow and ice storm. Fun. We were lucky and actually landed only 30 mins late. That’s when the real fun began. Immigration computers were down so it took us a hour to clear immigration.

Ken bought me a train ticket home so I wouldn’t have to worry about the roads and driving.
The trains were all full because of canceled flights and bad roads and were running late as well. My 4:54 train finally left Newark airport at 7:30. Besides that I cannot complain, I got home around 9:30 to about 8 inches of snow with a ice layer over it. Boy was I glad I didn’t have had to drive in all of that mess.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping (always a blast on a Sat. after a big storm) and watched movies all day. Across the Universe-– was my favorite of the day, besides having great music it was visually really cool.

Today is going to be a another low key day because tonight I have a date with Oscar and the red carpet and tomorrow I fly again.


Lake Como



At the top of the Funicular, working up a thirst.



Drinking buddies


Ken and Ellie catching slow flakes on their tongues


Since I am a firm believer that prayer and positive thoughts work I am putting this out to all of you.

One of my family’s oldest and dearest friends, Wayne, went into surgery yesterday. The plan was to remove a cancerous kidney. The doctors were able to get the kidney and are pretty sure they also got all of the cancer, but the “good” kidney has failed to restart. He is also experiencing lung problems and a few other complications.
Please send your thoughts, energy and prayers Wayne’s way the next few days. I know I will.

Dino Days and Ride’em Cowboy

Today we headed over for the Peabody Musem’s  Dino Days.  It was packed because all the kids were off of school but loads of fun.


Grandma and Ellie


Digging for fossils


Found one


Dino hat


Afterward we went for Ken’s birthday dinner.  He wanted a steak so we went Texas Road House.  If it is your Birthday they get you up in the saddle.  I think liked it a bit too much.

National CHD day

Feb. 14th is National Congenital heart Defect Awareness day. Just have a quick thought and prayer when you are celebrating with your love on Thursday for all those who have extra special hearts.

• #1 Birth Defect
• Over 40,000 babies born annually nationwide
• 1 out of every 100 children are born with a CHD
• 35 different types of CHDs

For more info check out .

Hope everyone has a wonderful V-Day. I will be back on Thursday in time for a kiss and cuddle from my two lovies, Ken and Ellie.



Ellie fell at school last Wednesday.  I guess she was going down the slide on her tummy feet first.  It sure came up a real shiner.


I had a fast weekend at home now I am off to Brussels tomorrow.  Be back on Thursday.

Paris, Superbowl and Voting

Ken was gone last Sunday – Thursday at a conference in San Antonio. We tagged off and I left Friday for Paris. The weather was surprising good for Feb., sunny and around 40 degrees. Had a great time just walking around and watching people at Sacre Couer (also picked up some more fabric to use in Ellie’s room).

Got home Sunday in time to watch the Super Bowl – with Ken, Ellie, Robin and Katherine – which I usually watch mostly for the ads. This year was a huge disappointment. I think the Pepsi ad with JT was pretty good and of course the Audi ad wasn’t bad but nothing really cool like in past years. I mean if they are going to pay all of that money for the space they should do it up.

img_4548.JPG even elmo thinks it looks yummy
Yesterday I made curtains for Ellie’s room and caught up around the house and today we voted.

I am off tomorrow to Barcelona, be back on Friday.