I couldn’t be prouder

About six months ago – when Ken and I didn’t think we could take anymore Laurie Berkner (http://www.twotomatoes.com/site/) or Dane Zanes (http://www.danzanes.com) – we started making Ellie mixes on our iTunes.

The original Ellie mix contained songs from the Sound of Music and the Beatles, a few of which we made into a cd that was demanded every time we got into the car.

After watching Across the Universe I downloaded the soundtrack. It is safe to say I had it on heavy rotation in the house. Ellie quickly decided that her new favorite song was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (yup always fun when your 2 1/2 year old sings trippy songs at daycare). I feel safe in saying that if she grows up and wants to go on American Idol, she won’t be scratching her head and saying “the Beatles?”

I made a new mix including loads of songs from the soundtrack as well as a few others I like. Among those songs was the James song Sit Down. Oh, the flood of memories of sitting on dirty, crowded bar floors singing as loud as I could that that song brings back.

Last night, on our way back from getting fried chicken for dinner, Ken turned to me and said listen to your daughter. I was shocked to hear her singing in her sweet little voice in the back seat “oh sit down, oh sit down, sit down next to me.” I couldn’t have been prouder.

Easter Weekend

Mom and Dad came up for Easter this weekend. It was wonderful having them here. They got here Friday at around lunch time and just left this morning.

There was some touring around New Haven, Pepe’s famous pizza, lots of yummy food and Easter goodies.

Best of all, it was a weekend full of laughs and loads of Nanny and Grandaddy cuddles.

Yummy Pepe’s Pizza

Ellie’s Easter loot

My homemade apple pie -that is supposed to be a bunny on top

Ellie’s Easter dress

Nanny and Grandaddy at the beach


I had an Orlando layover today. I didn’t think I was going to make it to Orlando last night, crazy mechanical delay out of LAX made me almost not make it onto the Orlando flight I was supposed to work. All the craziness made my mind up, I am going to try to go back International.

I did make it in finally at around 10:30 last night, so I was able to have lunch today with Audra, new baby Keilana, and Kimberly. It was so wonderful to see all of them. Audra looks wonderful and seems to be doing really well especially since it has only been three weeks since Keilana’s birth and Kimmie is always beautiful.

We had such a yummy fun lunch and I was so busy eating, talking and catching up I forgot to take pictures. I did snap these two of Keilana and Kimberly.



It made all the craziness getting here worth it and I am so glad I had the chance to do it.

gulity pleasure

I have been kind of watching American Idol this season. That is right I admit it. I even have Ken DVR it if I am flying. I love the auditions they are so tragic and watching the auditions always makes me want to see the hot mess (a new saying I heard on the plane the other day from one of the newbies who was born in a year I can actually remember – I am really getting old) the contestants become.

Last night was all Beatles songs and all in all it was a bit of a mess. A few stand outs but mostly a mess.

I had to chuckle when this morning I read one of my other guilty pleasures – http://socialitelife.buzznet.com. I have to blame this one on Julie who told me about the website. Mostly it is just gossip and she is often completely OTT, but sometimes she is so funny I actually laugh out load. Her review of last night’s American Idol was one of those times. Check it out at http://socialitelife.buzznet.com/2008/03/12/american_idol_ghastly_country_fair.php#more

I cannot believe I actually admitted those two things, I just had to give you all a bit of a giggle today as well.

Domestic Bliss?

Through a momentary lapse in judgment and a lack of attention to detail on my part, I ended up with Domestic flying for March. This means good bye long Paris and Brussels layovers, hello short Vegas and Cleveland layovers, or at least that is were my first two layovers were this past week.

It was a huge change for me, after all it has been a long time since I was domestic, the service, passengers and even the flight attendants are very different. It was nice to not have to fly all night and deal with jet lag but the last day of my first trip back was a doozy. Crazy and long because of the snow in Cleveland and loo loo Vegas passengers.

The jury is still out on if I am going to like it or not but I sure do spend a lot less money.

I cannot help but feel a transfer request back to international in my near future.