This past weekend we all made a quick trip down to Va for Julie’s 40th bday.

Luck was with us and we made it down there no problem on the flight.

It was weekend full of friends. Friday Ellie and I had lunch at Chick’s with Connor and MJ. It was a beautiful day and it felt so good eating yummy food and hanging out on the deck in the warmth.

Kathe and Joey were kind enough to let us stay with them, so every night we had quality time full of good food and better conversation.

Sat. we had a short visit with baby Lily, I finally got to meet her and she truly is a cutie. Ken had time with Dave and we all met up for a cookout at the Kidd’s – the O’Shays and the Kidds. I couldn’t believe the weather it was warm and sunny and such a welcome change.

Sunday was Julie day. Kathe, Julie and I went for a cheeky girly brunch for Julie’s bday (Ken and Ellie went to another brunch with Thom, Beth, Cassie, Bobby, Rachel and Greg). No Frill never disappoints and we had a little shopping, bonding and cuddle time with Lily afterwards. It was so much fun just having the girls hang out like old time.
Monday saw us once again in a bad trying to get home place. A canceled flight, bad weather and over sold flights made us to decide to road trip it. A rental car and a 8 hour drive to Newark later finally found us back at our car and another 2 hour drive home. All in all it took us about 10 1/2 hours (including stopping for lunch on the Eastern Shore and changing cars in Newark) but we made it home without the stress of stand by.

Even with the getting home craziness it was such a wonderful weekend. We all needed a little warmth and friend recharge and we got it. Thank you to everyone!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend- I didn’t take as many as I wanted to busy enjoying myself but more can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/collyd/sets/72157604793663656/


Connor and Ellie

cuite baby Lily

Anniversary, Gubernator and Old World fun

This past week has been packed.

It started with Ellie having a bad cold. So I actually stayed home all week to try to get her over the worse of it.

Thursday was our anniversary. Four years. It is so hard to believe it has only been four years; so much has happened. In case you wanted to know, the fourth anniversary is flowers and fruit. I got loads of beautiful flowers and a much needed night out with my hubby- thanks to our friends Barbara and Ian who watched Ellie for a few hours.


Friday, Ken and I went to hear a talk at Yale about environmental issues. There was a Conference of Governors, state representatives and people from other countries here to sign a Declaration on Climate Change.

We heard from Ct. Governor Jodi Rell, Nobel Laureate Dr. R. K. Pachuri (co-recipient along with Al Gore of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his work) and California Governor and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was very interesting and I have to say I was surprisingly impressed with Arnold and what he had to say. Sometimes it is really cool living in a university town.

Saturday, Ken, Ellie and I went up to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA. It is a re-creation of a late 1700’s early 1800’s village. Kind of like a later version of Williamsburg but maybe not as exact. Think people in period costume with modern day shoes. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time checking out all the buildings and the people working the animals and farm. It was not even two hours away so the perfect distance for an adventure.


Ken taking care of business the ol’ school way




Ellie circle dancing:

What a fun filled great week.

Kristy Lee

I recorded American Idol last night so we could watch the debate – gaining brain cells – and watched it this morning -loosing brain cells as Ken would say. The first thing I said to Ken when he walked into the room while I was watching it was I sure hope that Kristy Lee tart is outta here!! In some ways I think she is the smartest of the lot. Playing the system. Always doing the least know song by the artist or that stunt with “Proud to be an American.”

But oh I wanted her gone almost enough to make me vote, almost. What was up with Brooke saying it might not be you? I mean PLEASE!!! We all knew which way the wind blew.

I found this – http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/2008/04/17/kristy_lee_cook_later_bitch.php – on A Socialite’s Life and had to share it. Warning it isn’t PG, more like PG13.

Dance to the music

Sat. Tangled Up In Blue – http://www.yale.edu/tuib/ – Yale’s folk singing group had a special performance for Ellie’s school at the Foote School – http://www.footeschool.org/.

It was really fun. We got to check the famous Foote school out – i have to say I have never seen a school auditorium like that one, it was a black box theater. Ellie and a few of her classmates had a great time dancing and clapping and it was really very cool to hear some good folk music.

The temp. actually broke the 60 degree mark and it was beautiful. It just made you want to be outside to soak it up. It made me think of that line from the Beatles song Dear Prudence – maybe because that and Lucy in the Sky are the two songs Ellie is now stuck – “the sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you.” The daffs are beginning to bloom – finally- and it looks like we might have a few tulips before long as well.



I should have known it wouldn’t last. Today is sunny but only supposed to be in the 50’s. Guess you can’t have it all.