Day in a the park

Ellie and I met our new friends Jo and Cloe at the park today for a picnic and fun.  It was a beautiful day and it was a much needed break after a crazy week of flying (thunderstorms everywhere and the summer has just begun.)


Holiday Weekend Break

We woke up on Friday with a bee in our bonnet and decided to take a weekend break.

Ken has always wanted to make a trip to and up Mt. Washington and since the White Mountains and New Hampshire are only about four hours away we left early Saturday morning for an adventure.

Saturday was a low-key travel day. There was surprisingly little traffic on the roads. We got there, checked in, explored the small town near where we stayed and Ellie got to to swim in the pool.

The town came complete with a working mill and a covered bridge.


Sunday we were up and at ’em early. We went to Story Land
and had a blast. It was perfect. Loads of fun things to see and do. They had a circus and there were even rides that Ellie could ride.


Ellie insisted that we hold Humpty up so he wouldn’t fall off the wall.

We followed that up with the treacherous drive up Mt. Washington. Yup, the Mazda 5 made it all the way to the top and we’ve got the bumper sticker to prove it.


Monday we hiked up Flume Gorge. It was an amazing hike through what is actually a huge crack in the earth.



More pictures from our weekend break can be seen on flickr.

We took the scenic route home and, surprisingly, the drive home was as easy as the drive up. I couldn’t believe it. I guess gas prices kept everyone off the roads. The weather was great, Ellie was a superstar and we didn’t hit traffic. Maybe we should plan more things last minute.

Sunny Sat.

The temp didn’t get over 70 but at least the sun came out today.

We picked up my Mummy’s Day pressie this morning, a cool new bike to troll around town. I am so excited. We ordered a seat for the back so I can plop Ellie in and go. I think I might need a bit of practice, it has been awhile since I have ridden.

My new ride

Ellie is ready when the seat gets here

This afternoon we went to a boy who goes to school with Ellie’s birthday party. They live in a beautiful house with 4 1/2 acres of land. It was so fun and the kids played their hearts out. The weather held out and it was a great afternoon outside. Just what we all needed.

Cupcakes are the best invention

Controlled craziness

Ellie is always the last one but she always makes it there

It is the middle of May right?

Because this is the local forecast:

SATURDAY : Rain ending quickly this morning. Mix clouds and sun, possible shower late. Highs near 70.

TONIGHT : Few scat showers. Lows : Low 50s

SUNDAY: Mix clouds and sun, possible afternoon/evening showers. Highs : Upper 60s.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Breezy. Highs upper 50s.

TUESDAY: Cloudy. A few sprinkles. Highs near 60.

WEDNESDAY: Possible showers. Highs mid 60s.

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy. Highs near 70

FRIDAY: Cloudy with showers. Highs mid 60s.

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 60s.

Sounds like a week full of fun if it was March or Oct. not the middle of May. I mean we cannot even get a real 70 degrees we can only hope for a near 70. I hate to complain, but can a girl gets some warmth around here?

Rings Found

A few of you know that after my friend Katherine was take to the hospital in Atlanta after her fatal accident her wedding rings were stolen. I found this especially hard. It wasn’t enough that her husband and boys lost her but that someone would steal the rings off of her finger was the lowest of the low.

A reward was offered for the return of the rings (Alan wanted to have them for the boys) and Alan took it to the local police, news and even CNN headline news to try to find them.

This week the rings were returned to Alan but the Atlanta Police. They were able to locate them and retrieved them through the hospital where they went missing.

I am so relieved. It just seemed like another hit to have them gone but is wonderful that he has them back now.

Here is the news story about the return of the rings -

In the Water

One of the brightest spots in the last few weeks was learning that my dear friend Kathe is pregnant. I am so excited. She told me and Julie while I was visiting Va for Julie’s birthday a few weeks ago. I cannot believe that this Oct she will also have a little one. She has had loads of practice with her nieces and I just know she is going to be such an awesome Mom.

It seems to be catching since three more of our friends – twittering bird, starfish and Kerry – are also pregnant. I cannot wait, a new bunch of lovies to cuddle and goo over.

But I am thinking it might be a good idea not to drink the water…

Week full of family

This past week has been full of family and love but a bit bittersweet as well.

Last Sat. Ellie and I flew down to Roanoke to say goodbye to Katherine. As always the time spent with my parents and family was wonderful but it was overlaid with a sadness for a life ended so young. It was good being able to see Katherine’s boys and family and the funeral service was very touching.



Sasha and Ellie studying each other

We left the sun and warmth of Va. and headed back to Connecticut on Wednesday.

Saturday, while Ken was at a Reds / Mets baseball game, Miss Robin, Ellie and I all went up to Bishop’s Orchard. They had “hayrides” to celebrate the apple blossom season. The ride took you through the fields and showed you the tress all in bloom and the bees all at work. It was beautiful even tough it was a wee bit cold for the second weekend in May. That night Ken returned from the game and friends of ours friends Dan and Barbra came over for a cookout that ended up inside because it was cold. Some guitar hero and Trivial Pursuit were played – not sure how smart playing against a Yale grad and a Yale librarian was but we had fun.


Robin, Ellie -with her new look for any picture- and Me on the hayride

Mother’s Day started with yummy pastries with my two lovies. We went up to Sleeping Giant State Park for a nice hike. It was warm but not too warm and the view from the top was amazing. The best part was being outside and spending quality with Ken and Ellie, no tv, computer or phone. It was followed by dinner at home so we could relax and enjoy each other. What a great Mother’s Day!!!





Today it was back to work and back into the swing of things…

A sad goodbye


I can count on two fingers the number of people I have know since grade school that I have kept up with over the years. One was Katherine. She was one of my cousin’s best friends and we found both of ourselves living in Norfolk for a time. That meant we had a standing Thursday night (when we were both in town) meeting for margaritas at Colley Cantina. It was our catch up time.

Katherine moved to California and then Atlanta and our catch up was once every few months via email. Pictures and announcements of marriages, children and pets and Christmas cards were exchanged and we also kept in touch through my cousin Monique. When we were lucky we would get to see each other about once a year in Roanoke while visiting family. Wife, mother, career woman, cook, interior designer and friend, I was always amazed at how she could keep so many balls in the air so gracefully and with such style and flair.

Wednesday afternoon Katherine was killed in a car accident in Atlanta.

It is always hard when you lose a friend but it is especially hard when they are young and it is so sudden and unexpected. She leaves behind a grieving husband, two boys (1 1/2 and 4), and more friends then we could ever count. I am praying and thinking of them all right now.

I know Katherine is in a better place right now cooking up something yummy all the while looking beautiful.

Katherine and her boys Jackson and Adam, Monique and Sasha and Ellie and I last fall