Natural Wonders, the Zoo and Family Time

Just spent 6 days in Virginia visiting with the family. It was full of fun, family and adventures.

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Ellie and Charlotte

Ken, Ellie and I at Natural Bridge

Ken, Ellie, Charlotte and Howard at Natural Bridge

Ellie celebrating an early Birthday

Lunch at the Swinging Bridge

Saw the Buffalo roam

Train Ride at the Mill Mountain Zoo

Ellie got bit by a bug on her eye, ouch

Charlotte and Ellie at the Mill Mountain Star

Little Hearts picnic

Sunday, Ken, Ellie and I went up to Farmington, Ct. for the Little Hearts Picnic. Little Hearts is a group that offers information and support to children born with CHD and their families. They have a big picnic every year to get everyone together. It is a chance for the kids to hang out with other kids who have been through similar things and for the families to chat and share. This year there were more than 700 people from 12 states including a few health care professionals, CHD kids, their families and 50 members of the Columbia Chapter Hog Group who every year do a charity poker motorcycle run to help raise money for Little Hearts.

There was everything that made a great day – clowns, balloons, canoes, bouncy castles, cookout food, and loads of kids running around having fun.


Bouncy Castle


Canoe ride


We were the last in line for a balloon, poor Ken was given the “end of the line” vest and the privilege of telling kids that there were no more balloons after ours.


Ring Pop

Mid-day they gathered all the heart kids up and took a big photo. The kids were called out one by one and arranged. Our Ellie ran out and plopped down right in front, not shy that one.

It was amazing to see how many there really were – I don’t know the exact count of CHD kids there but Ken said he heard it was 140 something. They were all doing well and running around as if no one had ever tinkered with their hearts.

(Ellie is in the front row 14 from the right in a white t-shirt and pigtails)

These kids were amazing and inspiring and so were the families. I am so glad we went and it will be on our calendar for years to come.