36, really?

How can I really be 36. I don’t feel that old, most days. It doesn’t really matter if I believe it or not because on Sunday I turned 36.

It was my idea of a perfect birthday. I woke up to loads of great pressies with more than one pleasant surprise. We stopped for bagels and headed to the beach – http://www.ducks.org/Connecticut/ConnecticutProjects/1706/HammonasettStatePark.html.

The day was crystal clear and the breeze from the water kept it from being too hot. I sat on the beach taking in the view, a few sweat treats and just enjoyed being outside in the warmth with my two favorite people -Ken and Ellie Beth.

After we left the beach we went to a yummy fish place – Lenny and Joe’s, http://www.ljfishtale.com/index.htm. Ate good seafood and ice cream outside at picnic tables. I even rode the carousel which helped to make me feel younger for a few mins. at least.

All in all my idea of a perfect birthday, lets hope this next year is just as good.

Weekend of Firsts

Over the weekend, while Ken was communing with nature, Ellie and I flew down to Va. for Sasha’s first birthday party. We made it there no problems or delays and the weather for the party on Sat was beautiful. A little warm but Monique’s yard came complete with built in shade. YAY!!


It was a everything you want in a good party. Super food, yummy cake, beautiful weather, pressies and loads of people who love you. Sasha is a very lucky girl and so are we to have her in the family. She even finished off the weekend taking her first steps on Sunday.



After the party, Mom, Dad, Ellie and I went to the Salem fair. We saw loads of interesting critters (both animal and human kind) and enjoyed cotton candy and a few rides.



more pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/collyd/

All in all a great weekend. We made it home no problem and Ken didn’t get eaten by a bear.