Sight of Settling

After a rain this morning, we went out into the back garden for awhile. I have to say it is one of my favorite things about the house. Not really large but the flowers and bushes make it secluded and so peaceful. Makes you want to sit with your feet up, a cold bevie, and just relax for awhile.


A little friend even came to visit

Sorry no inside pics yet. We are slowly settling into the rest of the house, the empty boxes are beginning to out number the full ones.

Visit among chaos

Thursday we had the most wonderful reprieve from all the moving craziness – every few days there is something else going on with buying this house, banks aren’t fun right now.

Alice, Sydney, Monique and Sasha, who had been in the city shopping and having fun, came up to visit for the night. We rode past the house, went to see Starry Night at the Yale Art Gallery, ate the best pizza at Frank Pepe’s and most of all hung out. It was so great to not think about packing and banks and moving for a few hours.

Thanks for the visit, hugs and love.




A little Tutu

Just when things seem more than you can handle, a tutu -a very special bday pressie from a very special auntie- arrives in the mail to help you forget it all for awhile and make you remember what is really important.

Thanks Auntie MJ.

Full Plate

In life’s buffet, my plate is over full. Like when you goto a real buffet and cannot seem to control yourself. It is all so good you just keep going back for more until you finally stop and realize you feel sick.

Right now I feel a little sick.

In less than a week we put a contract on a house and found out that Ellie is going in for a Cardiac Cath this fall. Depending on what they see during the cath they might try to balloon Ellie’s mitral valve. This is a procedure they have done 14 times before (this is more that anyone else in the world) on hearts simular to Ellie’s heart. They want to do this in October.

Just these two things would be enough to fill us up but there are a few other tasty morsals that have added themselves to our plates that I will pass onto you all once they are more settled.

Anyway, I guess you can say we have been on a bit of a “food high” I just hope we don’t crash after.