Babykins Part 2

So it is official.


Ken and I went to a screening and a scan today and I am officially 12 weeks pregnant. My due date is April 10, 2009. Everything looked good at the scan, so far so good.

It was just really good to see the little heart beating away. We will have to go for the normal 18 week scan as well as a special heart scan around the same time because Ellie had a heart defect.

I must say this baby has made its presence know almost from the start with morning / all day sickness – which is finally beginning to fade a little. It feels like I am already showing or maybe it is just the cookies I’ve been eating – hee hee.

It is a bit more nerve racking this time around. I guess you always know there can be something wrong but don’t really believe it. Once you have had one that does have something wrong it makes the second time around all the more scary.

At least we have gotten over the first hurdle, so far so good.


Ever feel like you are running a marathon and look up to see where you are to only find out you have just made it half way?

That is kind of where I am right now. We made it through the move and are slowly unpacking. We are still trying to find buyers or renters for the condo (the current renters move out at the end of this month). Ellie’s cardiac cath is scheduled for Oct 14th so we will be in Boston at least Oct. 12 -15. Then the holidays.

So when I look up I feel like I still haven’t made it half way through this crazy marathon.

There have been a lot of fun visitors. I guess all you need to do is buy it and they will come.

Ken’s Mom was here for the move (sorry I was so busy I didn’t realize until after she left I didn’t take any pictures), Ken’s friend from high school, Sam, was in the city so he came up for an afternoon and my Mom was here last weekend. Ken’s Dad and Stepmom will be visiting in a few weeks as well.

Sam and Ken

A tomato from our tomato plant

Yummy seafood from Lenny and Joe’s Seafood Shack

The carousel at Lenny and Joe’s

Playing in the front yard