Yesterday we went to Boston to have the Docs have a look at the baby’s heart.  It was a bit strange going up there and not having it be about Ellie.  In fact while I was having the echo done Ellie keep saying they do that to me sometimes.  I couldn’t believe how patient she was for the hour or so it took for them to get a really good look.

Three docs had a good look around and all agreed that the baby’s heart looks great.  Four normal size chambers, two valves and the arteries all looked good.

We were very happy and were back on our way home by early afternoon.  It was one the firsttimes, of many to come I am sure, that we have really had the “normal” experience with a baby.  Last week finding out everything was ok and then again this week is just so different for us.  We  are used to leaving the docs and having to talk about what they saw and said, having to make a plan of action and decide what we were going to do next.  It was so nice just knowing that things look good so far.

On the way up to Boston we got a taste of what it is like to have a potty trained 3 year old on a car trip.  The one part of the road with no visable place to stop is where she anounces she REALLY has to go potty.  We put her off until the next exit that said food.  It looked like it was the middle of nowhere – acutually Connecticut’s smallest town Union- and we pulled into a restuarant that had a sign outside that said FOOD and BOOKS and a sign on the door that said bathrooms for patrons only.  I rushed Ellie inside and nicely asked if we could use the potty.  The nice waitress pointed the way.


On the way home I told Ken the food smelled so good we had to stop for a late lunch early dinner.  So back to the Traveler Restaurant- http://www.hiddenboston.com/TravelerRestaurant.html – it was. What a cool place. Super yummy fish and chips and the whole place is full of books which you can pick from and take home with you.  They are all older books but it was such a neat atmosphere and so unexpected.   It will for sure become a new regular stop for us on the road to Boston.


So all in all a great day.

It’s a ….

Went for the scan and all the baby’s bits are were they should be and from what they could see the heart looks good.  That will be confirmed next week in Boston at the Fetal Echo.

Looks like Ken is destined to be the father of girls.  We are having another little girl.

Hope for the Future

The events of the last week have helped to restore my hope for the future.

We have elected a man that has started a movement that I hope continues to grow and strengthen.  A movement that will get everyone involved and help to restore our country.

Today I need that hope especially.
Not too many years ago Ken and I stood in our cold kitchen in Huddersfield, England on a snowy morning talking about finding out the sex of our baby.  We were having the anatomy scan that day.  I remember saying that it didn’t matter I just wanted everything to be ok and the baby to be healthy, maybe I knew unconsciously that something was wasn’t.  That was the day we found out that there was a problem with Ellie’s heart.

Today we go for the anatomy ultra -sound for the new baby.  Yes, hopefully, we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl but most importantly we will find out if the baby has all of it’s bits and that they are growing and were and how they should be.  Next Friday we will have a special fetal echo to have an extra look at the heart ( we will have that in Boston with Ellie’s cardio.) to make sure they don’t miss anything.

I have hope today that everything will be fine and that if it isn’t at least we will know what we are facing.  Oh and yes hopefully by this afternoon we will know the age old question -boy or girl?


On Sunday we had adventure day.  Packed all in the car we headed for West Hartford and the Hartford Children’s Museum.  It was actually very fun.  They had a life size whale that you can walk into, a whole room full of really cool turtles as well as a lot more animals then I was expecting.

After the museum we hit this very cool burger joint.  You get to custom order your burger with loads of interesting toppings.

All in all a yummy and fun day.