Christmas Joy

Christmas week passed in a haze.  Ken’s mom drove out from Ohio and was able to spend the whole week here. It was so great she was able to join us for the first Christmas in our new house.

This year was extra fun because it was the first year Ellie really got into the spirit.  She laid out milk and cookies for Santa and informed us we needed celerey for the reindeer because they don’t eat cookies.


Christmas morning was crazy but so much fun seeing how exceited she was for each new thing.  It made us that much more excited to open up our stuff as well.  Santa (and our wonderful families) treated us all well this Christmas.



had to try out the new lip gloss
Ken and I were even able to sneak away for the night to a B&B in Stonington Ct (up near Mystic).  Grandmaw stayed with Ellie and Ken and I were able to take our last little get away before the baby comes.  We don’t get many nights out alone much less nights away so it was wonderful.


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Let it snow…

It started around noon yesterday and by bedtime we had a little over 8 inches.  Makes for a pretty site as long as you don’t have to go anywhere.  We had a birthday party this afternoon, to which whimpy me made Ken drive me, and got a pizza to bring home for dinner.  Now we are sitting by the fire, enjoying pizza and trying to stay warm.  It is supposed to be in the teens tonight and more snow and ice tomorrow, but since we no place to go….

warmest place in the house
The reservoir right by our house

Early Christmas

Last weekend we headed to Roanoke for an early family Christmas.

img_6485.JPG this years Christmas jammies
In four days we:
Saw Santa


Opened loads of pressies


Cooked for and had the best cookie day yet



Had a Christmas party


At the end we were all a bit tired but happy from spending a wonderful weekend with family.


winter wonderland

We all awoke this morning – Ellie in her new big girl bed – to a blanket of snow.  It was so pretty and there was just enough to make everything look powered sugar coated without being too much to keep me from going to work today (darn).