It has been a month since I’ve put up a post.  I don’t really know where the time has gone.

Days are passing so fast right now.  It is really hard for me to believe I am 30 weeks pregnant today and there is still so much left to do before the little one makes her appearance.

To catch everyone up our Jan. has basically been one snow storm after another with a little ice thrown in for good measure.  I honestly haven’t seen the grass since before Christmas and don’t know why I even bother listening to the weather.  It is always the same, cold and snow coming.

There has been a few bright spots this past month.  We had a very quick visit from my Aunt Alice, Uncle Rick and Sydney.  They drove up on one of the few clear Sat. (it actually snowed on the Sunday) to deliver a dinning room set to us.  They were looking to get rid of it and since it was actually from the 1920’s – the same time frame as our house- they asked if we would like it.  It fits in perfect and really completes the room.  Now if only we could get the rest of the house decorated.
Sydney and Ellie about to enjoy some PePe’s Pizza

Speaking of the rest of the house we did get the bedding for the baby’s nursery – thanks so much to Auntie M.  Pictures will follow once it is all set up.

I have been cooking a lot.  Creating comfort food to help with the cold and hibernation.  Enjoying recipes from friends, online and Rachel Ray’s new cookbook – The Big Orange Book.  It has actually been really fun.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake