Birthday and Blankets

Yesterday was Ken’s birthday.  There was balloons, homemade cards,  Frank PePe’s Pizza and Coke Cola Cake –  Yum Yum.  All around a really good night.  Happy Birthday lovie.





Even tough it was Ken’s birthday Ellie actually got a really nice prize in the mail yesterday.  A new blanket made with love from her Auntie Alice.  It is so warm and cozy it has been hard to get out from under it.  What a wonderful unexpected surprise.  Thank Auntie A.


Red Velvet

Since it is VDay and I am preggers, I decided that I needed to finally try out Mary Louise’s famous Red Velvet Cake recipe.  I made cupcakes instead ( I am taking a few to the midwives tomorrow to help get them out of the house) and even made the homemade butter cream icing according to the recipe.


I must say Ellie and I have already enjoyed a small taste of the fruits of my labor and Ellie called them yummy.


Today it actually got above 40 degrees (49 to be exact) so we decided to get out and blow the stink off of us.  Not far away from us it a nice walk to the top of East Rock. At the top you can see all over New Haven and Hamden.  It is a nice walk even if it is up hill the whole way to the top.


On the way to the top


I made it


It was nice just getting out of the house and not freezing to death.

We even saw a bit of grass in the front yard.  First we have seen since before Christmas.  Dare we hope?  Is this the end?  Let’s knock on all kinds of wood.


Now we are home, me recovering from the hour long walk, and eating the home made gingerbread I made this  morning.  What a great Sunday.