4 weeks -flipping a switch


I forgot how how quickly infants moods can change.

It is like flipping a switch, one min. they are calm and off and the next flip, they are upset and on.  The crazy part is that they switch off again just as fast.  That is the almost scary part.  They are crazy crying and all of a sudden you hit the magic button and they are completely clam and quiet.  It makes you want to check to make sure everything is alright more when they are quiet.

It’s been four weeks today. A crazy, flip switching, wonderful four weeks!



For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to see what was underneath that very ugly 1970s kitchen floor we had.  Since we there were no real cabinets to be removed and we were about to install a new dishwasher, we thought let’s have a look.  Our hope was to find the original hardwood floors from when the house was built in 1928 (this is what we saw when we torn up the floor in the pantry).  That is what we found until we got about half way across the kitchen floor where we found a big piece of plywood and some other flooring that had very old termite damage.  So we had to go to plan B.  The problem was we didn’t really have a plan B.

Plan B turned out to be getting a quote on new hardwood floors instead a quote to have the ones in there refinished like we were hoping.  It was actually less than we were expecting so we did it.

So for the last two and a half weeks our kitchen has been a building zone, seven actual days of work.  It took two days to pull up the floor (poor Ken about broke his back doing this),


two days to put down the new wood and finish around the doors and steps,



and three days to sand and put the finish down.



Now we have a beautiful new kitchen floor.  Tonight, when it is dry, we can put everything back into the kitchen and we can have our dining room and the rest of the house back.  I am so ready to have a bit of organization again.

Meanwhile Sadie is growing and becoming more alert and funny by the day.



Stick ’em up.

Two weeks


Two weeks.  I am caught between not believing it has been that long and not believing it has only been that long.  I feel like Sadie has been apart of our lives forever already but still cannot believe she is already two weeks old.  It is a very strange place to be.

I have always been amazed at how generous people are when you have a baby.  Everyone wants to come see the new addition and bring a small token.   It goes all the way back in history even the wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus.   Sadie has received so many fun and great gifts.  Some of my favorites have been things people have made for her.  As a knitter I appreciate the time and skill it takes to create these one of a kind works of art.  I cannot wait till she can try them all out.


Thanks to Julia for the great hat, Pam for the groovy pants, Barbara for the sweater and Nanny for the blanket

Sadie is growing and becoming more alert and enjoyable everyday.  Her two week check up was today and she is up to 8lb 9oz (one oz above her birth weight ) so I she is eating enough and the Doctor says she is doing great.  It is still so weird to not have to worry about how much she eats and for how long and just being able to trust she will eat when she is hungry and sleep when she is tired.  These where all things we didn’t get with Ellie and it has been so wonderful being able to just enjoy without all the worry.


Due Date


Friday was Sadie’s actual due date.  Hard to believe she has been with us for 12 days already.   We celebrated by having her first real outing.  We took Nanny and Granddaddy to Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale for yummy seafood.




Sadie slept through the whole thing but we had fun and left with full bellies!  Sadie got her’s second hand later.

We have been enjoying Nanny and Granddaddy’s company the past few and they are with us until Monday.  We will all be sad to see them go.


Granddaddy’s first cuddle


A little song and dance


The girls


Nanny cuddles

What a difference a week makes

This time last week it was cold and rainy and I was starting to have contractions. I thought that they were just teasers like the ones I had been having for over a week.  Little did I know it was the real thing and that one week later we would be outside in the sun with an almost one week old.  Life sure has changed in one short week.








Twelve Days Early – Sadie Louise

After weeks of swearing that the baby was coming early I was taken by surprise when, Sunday night, I started having contractions – thirteen days before my due date.  They started right after dinner and were fairly weak.  I was convinced they were more of the false labor pains I had been having, off and on for a more than a week, so I wasn’t surprised when they stopped around midnight.

I was surprised a hour later (around 1:30 a.m. ) when I awoke in full blown labor.  Strong contractions every 10 mins.  We called our friend and old neighbor Robin and asked if she could come watch Eliie (Robin had been put on alert in case we needed her) and she made it in record time.

By 3:30 I had a call into the midwife and we were headed to the hospital.  My contractions were stronger and closer together and by the time my midwife checked me at 4 a.m. I was 8 cm.  She told me we would have a baby in about a hour.  Not off by much, I started pushing at 5:10, my water broke at 5:15 and Sadie was born at 5:20 – less than two hours after we got to the hospital.  Sadie was born 8lbs, 8oz and 21.5 inches long and when I look at her I am still surprised that all of that fit inside me.


Just minutes after she was born


Long Sadie

It was such a different birth from Ellie, only Ken, the midwife the nurse and I.  Thanks to my prenatal yoga classes and vocal toning I felt calm and focused.  We were then in plenty of time (not 14 mins before she was born like with Ellie) and most of all there wasn’t loads of doctors standing around waiting to whisk her away moments after she was born.  We actually got to have cuddles and to look at her but most of all time take in the fact that she was actually here with us.

It is still hard to grasp and in some ways we are like first time parents.  We haven’t had to visit Sadie in a special nursery, she has been with us the whole time.  She is the most amazing shade of pink.  So pink I was worried that she was over heating but was quickly told by the nurses that she is the color she should be, a color we never saw on Ellie.  Feeding and behaving just like a new born should I am amazed everyday what a star she is.

Ellie has been the best big sister anyone could ask for.  She just loves Sadie, wants to kiss on her and is worried if she is crying or upset.  Always wanting to help change her, pick out her clothes and let us know if she thinks Sadie needs something.


Proud big sister Ellie

We made it home yesterday, mid-day and have been settling into life.  An amazing new life were every day she and Ellie do something new that makes us smile and proud to be Mum and Dad.


Daddy bringing her home


Settling into life

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