Today Ellie became aware that she is smaller and weaker than other kids. Up until now I think she didn’t realize it. She would run after all the kids in her class happily unaware she was always the last one. Having other kids lap her while climbing up the the slide didn’t bother her at all until today.

One of the kids in another class made her aware. They told Ellie she was smaller and shorter and couldn’t run as fast. It was like the blinders came off. The teacher told us it really upset Ellie. Ellie told me that it made her sad, she said she can’t she climb up the slide like other kids and that they’re all taller and can run faster.

What do you say? We told her that not everyone is big, that she will get stronger, that not everyone can run fast and, not to worry, soon she’ll be strong enough to climb the slide.

Not being there when it happened, I don’t know for sure what was said and the manner in which it was said. I don’t think the other child was being mean – just stating the facts.

It makes me sad to see the innocence lost. The total unawareness turn into awareness. I knew it was only a matter of time before she realized, I guess I was hoping it wouldn’t be so soon.


While Daddy’s away

Last week Ken had a conference in Monterey, California. In the interest of my and the girls’ sanity, we took off for VA and fun with the family.

We had an early birthday party for Ellie,


played with Sasha and Monique,


spent quality time with Nanny and Grandaddy,



and made a visit to Statesville, NC to see Grandma’s new digs.


What a great way to spend what would have been a very long week.

See our whole adventure –

It only took nine weeks

for us to get the mini van.  Yup, Sadie has only been here nine weeks and this past weekend we traded the Mazda 5 in for a gently used Honda Odyessey,  We love it but what a change.

img_0872Sadie gets more and more alert everyday.  I love to hear chatter, which she does all the time now.  Gooing and growling, trying to get our attention.  What a sweetie.