I’m how old?

My surprise at finding Ellie turning 5 was nothing compared to waking up on July 20th to realize I was 38! How did I get to be that old. I remember Birthdays past that were full of beach days and frozen concoctions and couldn’t imagine how I could spend this my 38th birthday.

It was wonderful, still full of beach time and a cool one but with the added bonus of a wonderful hubby and my two sweet girls. What more could a 38 year old ask for from a Birthday?

I’m 5, 5 years old

I turned around and had a 5 year old. How’d that happen. Not too sure but I do know it was a great celebration. We had everyone meet at the town Green and we had rain, pizza, cupcakes and music – provided by a concert by Dane Zanes and friends.

Even with the sprinkles it was wonderful.

Little Hearts big fun

We had the annual Little Hearts Picnic in June. It is a chance to meet up with other parents and children with heart defects once a year. It is so wonderful to see how the kids have gotten on since the last year but also gives us a chance to talk to other parents who understand.

For Ellie it is just loads of fun!

Southern Lovin’

We made a trip down to Virginia in June, the girls and I, while Ken went off to Guamala to visit Lee.

Where in the world?

Sorry once again it has been so long. I have gotten my transfer to International so I am now back flying the flying I love and spending all of my work time in Europe and the UK. YAY!! I feel like time is simply flying by me these days.