On the needles…

With the crazy weather keeping us indoors so much lately, I have picked up the needles and been busy. Knitting bags for pressies for very important friends. One a Birthday pressie and one for a friend who is having major surgery tomorrow.

The bags are knitted and then felted.

It hit me that many might not really know what felting is. You knit on big needles and what looks like a huge bag (or whatever you want to felt).

the before

the before

Then you shrink it in hot water in the washer. Yes, you do what you normally never want to do and shrink it. The end product almost looks like it was never knitted. It looks like fabric.

The after

The after

It’s very strong and kind of cool looking if I do say so myself.

Crazy amount of the white stuff!

January and February we have been buried under huge amounts of snow. To the tune of over 70 inches since the beginning of the year. Ellie has had 9 snow days and we have all been stuff inside entertaining each other as best we could.

We did make it outside a few times – besides the hours of shoveling – to enjoy the snow.

Now the snow has turned to rain and the snow is slowly melting. We enjoyed the white stuff but we are more than ready to see it go until next year.