England bound…

Last week the girl, my Mom and I headed to England to see the family.  It was so wonderful.  The girls were actually really good and it did us all so much good being around family.  Ellie and Sadie got to play with their cousins and so did I.  We were also able to spend some quality time with my Nanny-Poo who is 85 years old this year.

It was a bit bittersweet.  Remembering what it is like to live there and wishing we all lived closer so the girls and I could have the family near.  I’m thinking that we need to do a trip every year from now on so it doesn’t seem so far away.

To see the whole trip in all it’s glory check this out:



The first word that comes to mind to describe Hamburg, Germany.

St Paddy’s Day

Fighting the fight

One of my very dearest friends- Kimberly -is currently fighting a rare kind of breast cancer called IBS.  She has made it through 6 months of chemotherpy and surgery and will soon start radiation.

She is amazing.  She has taken everything that has been tossed her way with such grace and strength.  It has just makes me love her even more.

Kimberly has been keeping a blog of her journey so that those of us who love her can walk along beside her on the journey.  I read every post that comes out.  Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, but I always come away thinking how amazing she is.

Today’s post really got me and with her permission I wanted to share it with all of you as well:


It made me really think about myself and my song and made me want to commit to having the kind of song that others will want to sing while I am here and even after I’m gone.

Thank you Kimberly my dear friend for all the things you bring to me and for sharing your song with all of us.

Bunny Rabbit

Today was dress as your favorite holiday day at Ellie’s school.  When I asked her what she wanted to go as she quickly responded – EASTER (maybe because it is right around the corner or maybe because of the cute little bunnies).

So I pulled out the fuzzy yarn made a tail and fashioned some ears from a head band and floral wire.  She looked so cute bouncing out the door this morning.

The greatest part about these dress up days at school is that they ask for a donation.  Each day they give the donation to a different charity.  Today’s is going to the Hole in the Wall Gang – http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/Page.aspx?pid=471.

Brussels I do love you

In the fall we will be losing our Brussels route – well actually it will be flown by the United out of D.C.  It’s sad for me because I truly love the city.   It’s very walkable and there is just enough to see to keep your mind and eyes occupied for a few hours without feeling overwhelmed, but my favorite part has to be the food.

There are certain cities I associate with smell, Brussels is one of them.  The smell of fresh made chocolate assults the senses all over the city but it is in competition with the smells of pomme frites and waffles.  Some of the best beer you will ever have flows freely all over the city.  There are stands and shops everywhere to provide feasts for both your mouth and your eyes.

Mary Jean and I explored and feasted and had an all around wonderful day.

Thank you Brussels, once again!

Thank You

Thank you Dr. Seuss for not only making literature that I read as a child and that my children still enjoy but for giving us an excuse to have green eggs and ham once a year.