I love you Easter Bunny

The girls hit the ground running at 6:00 a.m.  Checking to see what the magic bunny had left for them.  After a mad dash for baskets and egg hunting they settled down to their Easter prizes and we settled down to much needed coffee and home made monkey bread.  The weather turned beautiful.  The temp actually broke 70 and the sun just shone away.

Our whole Easter adventure can be found here:


What to do

Spring Break continued with a trip to Six Flags New England on Good Friday / Earth Day.  It was one of the only nice / no rainy days we had all week so we loaded up the car and went a theme parking.

Spring break, so far


Today Ellie and I went to the Eli Whitney Museum in New Haven – http://www.eliwhitney.org/.  Who knew the inventor of the cotton gin was from New Haven, CT?

They had a special event for the Week of The Young Child.  Ellie got to build a Wind-Up Mouse and got the book, Alexander and the Wind – Up Mouse by Leo Lionni.  It was actually really fun and we were able to play with the mouse while we read the book.  What a great idea and what a cool museum. Oh and did I mention it is at the base of a man made waterfall from the local reservoir.




You are invited…

…to the wedding of Q and U.  Or at least Ellie was today at school.

The question was what to wear to such an important occasion?  Especially when it is also a gym day which means tennis shoes and no dresses.  Ummm.

This is what Ellie decided on today.  (I’m thinking I’ll go a bit more formal for the Royal Wedding at the end of the month but…)

Weekend of fun

Last Sat. we actually had a nice day.  It was a bit warmer and we saw some sun so the girls and I went up to the park in the wagon (thanks to Aunt Alice and the wagon donation a few years ago).  A wagon ride always makes us feel better.  Ken calls it blowing the stink off and after the long winter we have had we really needed a little stink blowing.  We even had a ice cream for the ride home.

The park was followed by a night of Mexican at Mezcal in New Haven – http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/48/1444745/restaurant/Hartford/Mezcal-New-Haven – with Melissa A.K.A my imaginary friend.  Melissa is originally from Norfolk as well and is a Flight Attendant.  I’ve know her for years and reconnected just a few years back only to realize we both now live in the New Haven area.  I’ve talked about her to Ken but until last week he had never met her.  Every time I would mention Melissa Ken would mumble imaginary, cause he didn’t really believe she existed.  Heehee.  Well we enjoyed great Mexican and more than a couple of margaritas with her, her husband and another friend on Sat. night.

Sunday the weather turned cold and rainy so it was Star Wars all day.  Ken and Ellie built a Star Wars Lego set she got for Christmas and the girls watched the Empire Strikes back while Mom nursed a hang- errr  I mean relaxed on the sofa.


All and all a weekend of fun.

Ice Ice Baby

Ellie’s last ice skating lesson of the season was today.  She could hardly wait and enjoyed every min. of it.