Nothing but Red Velvet


Red Velvet.

It’s what I’ve been thinking about since this morning when I finished making potato salad for a cook out tonight.

I was thinking about how we were off to Boston tomorrow for Ellie’s six month heart check up and how my dear friend Kimberly has her last radiation treatment tomorrow and all I could think of was red velvet.  Before I knew what was happening I was pulling out pans, my Kitchen Aid mixer and making a batch of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and white chocolate icing.

I guess it was the red.  Red for two of the strongest females I know, Ellie (who at almost six has already shown her strength time and time again) and Kimmy (who has been battling for 9 months the evil that is cancer).  Red for heart – in more ways than one- and for strength and passion.

Not sure what I’m going to do with 30 red velvet cupcakes now I’ve made them but I just couldn’t stop myself.  I know we will eat a few, maybe take a few to Ellie’s heart doctor – Dr. Marx- tomorrow.  Wish I could figure out how to send a few to Kimmy in Florida.



I love my job.

Most days it’s the same thing.  Fly, nap, eat, nap, fly home.  But sometimes it’s so much more…

It's beers

It's laughs

Most of all it's friends

and good times!

Yup, I love my job.

Rock climber

While I hung with Sadie Lou and got ready to fly out on Sat morning, Ken and Ellie went on a little adventure.  They fueled up at a local dinner and headed out to Sleeping Giant for a hike and some rock climbing.

It still amazes me that my little girl who couldn’t barely climb the rope ladder at the play ground two short years ago, can now actually climb up a rock face.  It might not be huge but it was big enough.

Thursday we will be back up to Boston to see Dr. Marx and get him to check out what’s going on inside.  We are pretty sure it will look as good as the outside.

Spring, ahhh

I know I might complain about Connecticut, but it truly is glorious in Spring.

70 degrees, sunshine and no humidity. Ahhh

Female inspiration

Lately I’ve been inspired by a so many strong and talented women.  Here are just a sampling  I wanted to share with you so they can maybe inspire you too.

First is my friend Casey – – she is an amazing artist and Mom and has been blogging again.  She has been putting out such great posts lately.   It is so nice getting a glimpse into her life and what she is doing and of course all the creative and fun stuff she does always gives me great ideas to file away for the future.  One example is the cute sandwiches she made for her son’s birthday party.  My girls now always get sandwiches cut into fun shapes and they love them!   She has inspired me to start blogging more regularly.  I proud to be a Mommy blogger.  Let’s face it, I’m horrible with baby books but when the girls get older and ask me, “mom what were my first words” or ‘when did I take my first steps” instead of whipping out the baby book I can pull up the website and show them pictures and what other people said about it.  Thank you Cassie for inspiring and reminding how important blogging is.

(a few more inspiring women and their blogs:,,,

Second, my cousin Jody.  She is very talented and has knitted for years but has started needle felting these totally cute animals.

While watching the Martha Stewart show she saw a contest where you send in creative projects you do.  It was called the Re-Marthable Contest.  Jody sent in the above picture of her lovable creations.  Not only was she chosen as a finalist:

She won the whole thing, and boy did she WIN big:

Thanks you Jody for  inspiring me to create and do what makes you happy, you never know where it will lead you!

Since I have been battling my weight for well, let’s face it forever, I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  I need accountability.  I need to have someone else looking over my shoulder so I don’t stand sideways on one foot and say yup I lost .009 lbs yesterday. I need motivation and my Kimmy has been that for me the last few weeks.  Kimberly – – has been battling a rare kind of breast cancer – IBS for 10 months now.  She and I a few weeks ago decided to motivate each other.  We have been texting back and forth, telling each other what exercise and how we have been eating.  It seems like just when I decide the tread mill is not for me today I get the text saying Kimmy just did a hour of yoga.  A hour ( I don’t think I could do that on a good day but especially after doing 6 months of chemo,  having surgery, and now 3 weeks into Radiation)!  She inspires me to go do it too.  If she can, I have NO excuse big enough.  Yesterday she inspired me to a new level, during our conversation I had an AH HA moment.  I realized we should be eating well to make our bodies healthy and exercising to make our bodies strong.  Duh.  I know but it took talking it out with my inspiration to come to that.  So, we have decided to do that together and go forward that way.  Thank you Kimmy for inspiring me everyday in every aspect of my life but especially to live and be healthy.

Like I said this is just a snap shot of all the amazing women in my life that inspire me everyday- thank you all.  I hope they inspire you as well.

Mommy’s Day

My Mother’s Day started on a wonderful note with this:

Strong Coffee in my favorite mug and wonderful pastries with my three favorite people.

It continued with this:

Planting and playing in the yard with the girls.

Who knew it would end up like this:

If you look closely you can see the beginning of what eventually landed me in the ER on Sunday evening.  Apparently I’m allergic to this:

The giant maple tree in our backyard

The pollen this bad boy puts out caused my eye and my actual eyeball to swell so much that I took a trip to the ER.

They did eye tests and gave me anti-inflammatory drops and allergy medicine and sent me home with the hopes that it would go down.  Which it did. Now both of my eyes are still a bit red and itchy and go crazy if I’m outside more than a few mins – which is such a bummer because it has been beautiful here in Connecticut the last few days. Spring has finally sprung, hopefully.

It started out so nice, went a little crazy in the middle but it ended like my best nights with kisses and cuddles from my two best girls before tucking them into their beds.


A walk in the woods

We are lucky enough to have a very interesting mountain in our town.  It’s called Sleeping Giant – -because it actually looks like a giant laying down.  There are trails all over it, some hard some easy but all enjoyable.

Last Sunday we decided to enjoy the warm clear weather and go for a walk in the woods with the girls.

A Royal Blast

The minute  I heard that Will and Kate were engaged I started planning how I was going to be there.  MJ was on board so the plan was made to do whatever it took to make sure we had a trip with a layover so we could ensure we were there.

The months went by and hats and dresses were bought.  Our schedules came out for April and with some clever trading we were able to not only get on the trip but make sure we knew almost everyone else on the crew.

Plans were made, I brought cake pops, Shara brought scones, MJ brought decorations, a little bit of alcohol was mixed in and hats were worn by all.

The Royal Crew

We got into London Friday morning, power- showered and 9 of us headed out to Hyde Park (the closest place we could get to see the wedding).  The atmosphere was amazing.  Everyone was so friendly and happy, sharing smiles, stories and even a few drinks.  Loads of people, but no pushing or shoving or ugliness, just love and happiness all around.

MJ and I heading to Hyde Park

Hyde Park

How we watched the wedding

We watched the wedding, toasted the bride and groom and tried to get as close as we could to the palace. We didn’t get far but we did see Kate’s hotel, the planes fly over, Kate’s mom leaving in her car and even fancy people in even fancier hats (and I not just talking about myself and the rest of the crew, even though Thumper did make number 28 on Perez’s best hat list – ).

Kate's digs the night before the wedding

The fly over

Kate's Mum is in that car!


We headed back to the hotel exhausted but riding the wave of happiness.

Our ride back to the hotel

It was an amazing day and I couldn’t have had better group to share it!  Already started planning for Harry’s…