Oh what a “Tangled” web

It has to be the months and months of watching cake and cupcake shows that has led up to this.  That’s right, we watch them all, Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, Ultimate Cakes, Food Network Cake Challenge, all of them, we’re hooked.  The only problem is that when it came to what Ellie wanted for a birthday cake this year (her 6th – where does the time go?) she expected Mom to deliver a Tangled cake complete with a tower a la the concoctions we see on the TV.

I took a deep breathe and tucked into the task.  After all, we were the only ones that would see it so it really didn’t matter, did it?  I was a bit scared of the whole tower thing so I made Ken do it.  I gave him a tray of rice crispy treats and a dowel rod and said go to it.  I proceeded to make the vanilla cake (Ellie doesn’t like chocolate) using a Magnolia Bakery recipe I found – http://www.food.com/recipe/magnolia-bakerys-vanilla-birthday-cake-and-frosting-139518.  The only complaint online was that it tended to taste like a sugar cookie. No complaint here, my family loves sugar cookies.  I used my own classic butter cream icing recipe.

Ellie cut out and placed all the flowers and I set her task of building the boulders (something to keep her busy since she was home on the day I put it all together).

This what the construction and consumption looked like:

I have to say there were no complaints around here, in fact very little talking at all, just eating.

This is the end, part two

School is officially over for Ellie and her kindergarten year.  If finished Monday and the last few days were packed.  There was a party on Friday complete with bumble bee cupcakes I made in honor of Ms. Banks’ bumble bees and a teacher’s present.

Kindergarten is so important.  It is your first real experience with school and life and your teacher can shape the way you see and feel about school for years.  We are all so lucky Ellie had a wonderful teacher.  Just the right amount of love and caring and toughness.  Ellie loved her and school this year.  Thank you Ms. Banks for making the year such a success!


Cupcakes and Cannons

What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday then by going to our local cupcake shop – Sugar- and picking up a few goodies and eating them on the town green?  This time we chose the East Haven town green for our sweet snack.

There are trees to climb,

Cannons to examine,

And most importantly cupcakes to eat,

Sounds like a pretty darn good Saturday to me!

Beautiful Munich

WOW!  I was so impressed with Munich.  I did my first trip there a week ago and loved it.  In fact I already have another one on my schedule for next month.

The sun was shiny and I couldn’t help but get out and explore a little I took the subway downtown and had a little wander.  It was so interesting.  Even though it is the capital of Bavaria and Germany’s third largest city it was intimidating at all.  There were beautiful flowers everywhere and the buildings were so interesting.  I saw the famous The Rathaus in the Marienplatz which has figures that actually move at certain times of the day like a giant coo coo clock.

The city felt friendly and happy.  I mean how many landlocked cities actually have their own man made beach?

There was an amazingly huge park called the English Gardens complete with a giant lake and of course a beer garden on the water.

I ended the day with a awesome German meal at a neighborhood resturant.

I  can’t wait to go back!


Daddy’s Day

This year for Father’s Day it was truly Daddy’s choice.  We told him we would do whatever he wanted.

It started with a breakfast picnic by a stream and a little nature walk.

And ended at the Hammonasset State Park with some beach time.

Thanks Ken for making such great choices on Father’s Day and being the best Daddy we could ask for everyday!


This is the end (part one)

of the school year for Ellie.  Since we had so many snow days this past winter the last day isn’t officially until June 27th but the events have already started.

She has had field day and I must say it was way more awesome than any field day I had ever seen.  Ms. B the gym teacher is just amazing.  Full of energy and gets the kids so pumped up for it.  Each class has a name and a costume and I’m proud to say Ellie’s class (Banks Bumble Bees) won awards for most spirit and best costume.  I was asked to make the antenna and just have to sing the praises of black duck tape (I just LOVE it).

Ms. Banks Bumblebees

Buzz Buzz

Look at them bobbing

This week there was a field trip to a local beach.  Yup, seventy-five 5 and 6 year olds at the beach but not allowed to go in the water past there ankles.  What was I thinking when I volenteered for that one.  It actually turned out great.  So much fun and no one fell in or got too wet.


Today a singing performance at the schools town meeting.  They are singing Jack Johnson’s the sharing song – http://youtu.be/bfSpsnLyo18.  Ellie of course wanted to wear a dress cause she was going to be on stage.  I just love her.

Meanwhile Sadie and I are enjoying our last full Thursday, just the two of us, before Ellie is out for the Summer  (next Thursday is a half day).





Little Hearts 2011

I made it back from the Keys for our annual Little Hearts Picnic –http://www.littlehearts.org/.  I love this day every year.  It is always emotional but so uplifting.  You see all these wonderful kids with special hearts running around doing so well and not afraid to show off there scars or talk about there problems. This year there were families from 15 different states and over 150 special heart kids.  WOW.

Since this was our 3rd year we have begun to recognize some of the families.  It’s great to reconnect and check in with them about what’s happened the last year.

Most of all it is just fun!