Beating the Heat

As the mercury rose to over 100 degrees this week we had to do something.  Living in Connecticut this doesn’t happen too much so most people -like us- only have window unit AC units.  To avoid being cooked we came up with a few adventures.

We went to Six Flags New England’ s  Hurrican Harbor water park-  Spent the whole day there.  The girls loved it.  Splashing in the wave pools and going down water slides.  It sure made a super hot day actually pleasant.

Saturday we decided to hit the Cape for the day.  Cape cod that is.  We drove up and explored Hyannis.  We dodged a rain storm by having a yummy lunch at Spanky’s then we ventured around the town.  We even did a Duck Boat tour which we all really liked.  It was cooler on the Cape and actually very fun.  I think next time we will make a whole weekend or even a week of it.

It cooled down a bit on Sunday so we hung around home and got ready for the week but it ended up being a great heat beating weekend all around.

Birthday Week?

When I was younger my Birthday was a big deal to me.  I had a whole week of celebrating.  A week where everyone had to be nice to me, go where I wanted to go, eat what I wanted to eat, do what I wanted to do.  Now, I do that for my girls but it doesn’t seem so important to do it for myself.  I wasn’t dreading this birthday, even though it was the one before the “big one”, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it either.  It was more like it’s really just another day, no fuss, no muss.

What a pleasant surprise that it ended up being a truly wonderful few days.

It started two days before my birthday when Ken brought me home a beautiful bunch of flowers.  It was such a pleasant surprise and made me smile.

My actual birthday started with a bit of a lie-in and coffee and pasteries.  Ken and Sadie went to work and school and Ellie and I headed to get our toes done and to the beach.

I got a chance to use my very cool new sandfree beach blanket.

We arrived home to a yummy box of Georgetown Cupcakes! Thank you Julie!  Ellie was so excited and trust me I was too.

It continued with a lobster and shrimp dinner and cake of course!

I got to spend my day with my four favorite people and received loads of messages and packages from friends and love ones that humbled me and made me have a smile that couldn’t be blasted off all day.  Thank you all for making my birthday surprisingly wonderful!


Passing Time

So Ellie and I have been passing the time on the holiday doing a few things:

Explore the flowers in our yard

Do a little crafting (warning be-dazzler is not as easy as it might appear)

Celebrate 7-11's Birthday on 7-11.


A little on screen time:

That’s what we have doing so far.


July so far has been a marathon.  I flew from July 2 -July 9th.  I haven’t flown more than four days in a row since before Ellie was born six years ago.  Ken’s Mom came up to help with the kiddos and I came home between every trip but it was crazy.  I made it home on the 9th just to tag team off with Ken as he left to go up to U Conn for his last intensive week to finish his Masters!

This is what I did:

A Munich:

A big beer was needed

and so was warm red cabbage!

A London with my girls MJ and Macey:

A totally yummy dinner at

and loads of laughs and fun!

I finished the marathon with a Hamburg with MJ.

We had some fries and a beer

took in the rainy sites

and checked out the awesome spa with the best foot baths I have ever had the pleasure dunking my feet into.

While I was flying Ken, his mom and the girls hit the big city:

When I got home on the afternoon of the 9th we decided to do a mini adventure to a local lock before Ken headed out to UConn.  I love locks.  I started to really appreciate them during our time in Yorkshire England.  They are so interesting and I think it is so amazing how many people used to depend on the operation of local locks for transport and lively-hood.


Family time

We survived to tell the tell, but I hope we don’t have to do a marathon again like that anytime soon.

Baby its a firework

All of the towns around us do fireworks on different nights for Independence Day.  Our town did theirs on Friday.  This meant that even though I was flying on the 4th I would still be able to enjoy fireworks.

Ken’s Mom flew in on Thursday to help out since staring on July 2nd I’m flying 9 days straight. Hard for all of us and having the extra help is awesome plus she was able to come celebrate the 4th early with us.

There was a army band, dancing and friends and of course a really great display of fireworks.

She’s an American Girl

or at lest she has one now.

Ellie decided she wanted a day at the American Girl Doll Store in NYC for her birthday.  When informed she could have that or a Birthday party she still stuck to her original plan so it was booked.  I mentioned it to my Mom and said it would be really cool if she came up for the day and before I knew it, it all came together.

Ellie and I took the train to Grand Central and Mom flew into LaGuardia and took the bus to Grand Central.  Ellie was convinced it was Amazing Race style and keep asking who was going to win the prize.  Needless to say even though she was with me she apparently was on both teams so she was going to win either way – and I think we all won just being able to be together for the day- but my Mom made it there first but only by a few mins.

We took a cab up to the store (Mom and Ellie’s first NYC cab ride).

Then the real fun began.  A doll was picked and outfitted (Ellie got money from almost everyone for her Birthday to spend so she suited her dolly up).  Allie – what Ellie named her dolly – made a trip to the hair salon and Ellie even had a picture made with her that became a magazine cover.  All of that before we even made it to lunch, whew.

Lunch was awesome!  They have the coolest room and because I told them it was Ellie’s Birthday she had a crown waiting at the table for both her and her Allie.   Allie even had her own seat at the table with her own plate and cup.  We ate very well and a Birthday cake arrived at the table complete with candles and a rousing round of Happy Birthday.  It was wonderful and Ellie was so surprised.  I know she felt special.  Heck I felt special and I wasn’t even the Birthday girl.

Since we still had time we decided to walk up to the Plaza Hotel and check out Eloise’s store there.  It was very cool.  They had a whole room where you could watch Eloise movies and a stage set up to play dress up.  It was fun to explore and of course the Plaza is just a site to be seen no matter what.

We made it back home in time for pizza and Ellie’s second Birthday cake of the day – see previous post for more about that.

It was crazy but wonderful.  Such a cool experience and I think Mom and I had just as much fun as Ellie.  I’m so glad I have both of them and that Ellie decided this is how she wanted to spend her 6th Birthday.