Pumpkin hunting

Mom and Dad flew in for the weekend to help us celebrate Ellie’s 5th heart day. The anniversary of her open heart surgery.  We spent the day hunting for pumpkins and eating chicken wings (Ellie’s choice).

Doin’ it for the “girls”

The weekend of October 16th we all converged on Orlando for a few days of celebration.  Our very own Kimmy a.k.a. Goldie is now officially cancer free!  Whoo Hoo.

We all came together to reconnect and to walk for the cure.  Saturday consisted of old friends and new gathering to laugh and have fun.  Sunday 36 of us did the Susan G. Komen for the cure 5K.  Some of us walking some of us running (including Kimmy).  It is always such an amazing day to me but especially this year because two members of our team were breast cancer survivors.

After the walk the fun continued with the opening of Kimberly and Richard’s Tikki Bar at their house.

I laughed so hard during the weekend that my tummy muscles even hurt it was what we all needed. A weekend celebration of life, love, and laughs!

Color Hunting

On a rare warm fall day we went out looking for fall colors.  I think we missed it by about a week.  Next week they will be in their glory – well as much as we are going to be this year.  Apparently the amount of rain you have over the summer effects the colors of fall.  We had huge amounts this summer so I’ve been told the colors won’t be as spectacular as they usually are.  We still found a few trees ready to oblige us.


We went to Kent, Ct.  The land of antique shops, cafes, Porches and boarding schools like the Kent School.

Where when you take your driving classes only a convertible Mustang will do.

It was very quaint and pretty and if I ever went to boarding school I wouldn’t mind it being in Kent, Ct.

But I have to say my favorite part of the day was a little ways past Kent at Kent Falls.  A covered bridge heading to a huge field at the base of a waterfall.  Beautiful.


What a great way to spend one of the last warm days we might have until next spring.

I love…

that something you knit can last forever!

This is the sweater my Nanny-Poo (my Grandmother) in England made for me to many years ago now to mention.  All these years later, my girls are still able to wear it.  Makes me smile to know that what was created with love so long ago is still being enjoyed by a little girl who loves trains today.


Apple Picking

One of my most favorite things about apple picking is the smell of the orchards.  Maybe it’s the apples in my blood – my Great Grandaddy had an orchard and my Grandma and Paw Paw always had apple trees in their backyard- but I love to smell the apples.  The fresh ones as well as the rotting ones. When you are walking through the orchards you just have to take a deep breathe to experience their sweet and tangy scents.

The sun was shining this morning, for the first time in days, so we headed out to Bishops Orchards in Guildford, Ct. http://www.bishopsorchards.com/ for a little apple picking.  The girls enjoyed the wagon ride out to the rows and rows of apples and sampling the goods to know which ones they wanted to take home.  We picked and walked and breathed in the scent of fall and apples then came home and made an apple pie.  What a day!