Ah Ha

All you need to do to get a 6 year old, a 5 year old, and a 2 1/2 year old to help you rake leaves is a bribe of a little fun before bagging.

I had to throw this amazing sunrise in as well.  It was beautiful.

Oh Edinburgh

I have been a very lucky girl this month.  I am flying 5 trips (15 days) this month and have had the pleasure to fly with friends on all but one of them.  So far I have done a Manchester (see curry in earlier post) and 2 Edinburghs.  I love both of these cities but I have to say I have a soft spot for Edinburgh.

How can I not when I get a view like this out my hotel window

and I can enjoy super yummy food and drinks with some amazing ladies.

Of course they have begun to decorate for Christmas and that just adds to the magic.

What’s left for the month?  Rome tomorrow (my one trip this month where I don’t know any of the crew) and Edinburgh next Monday with a really great crew.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

Dark Halloween

Halloween started in the dark and cold around my house.  Ellie had the day off because of the amount of people without electric and the number of trees blocking the roads.  We were one of those house without electric.

Ken went to work, Sadie to school and Ellie and I found things to keep us busy and away from home where the inside temp was 55 only a few degrees warmer than it was outside.

Finally the time came to get our gear on and head out trick or treating.

Sadie was in her glory. It was the first year she got the whole trick or treat and they give you candy thing.  She was amazed at the first house.   They actually gave her candy but by the third or fourth house she had found her groove.  Declaring that she was a dragon, had wings and could fly but not quite getting out the trick or treat.

Ellie was the seasoned pro.  Showing Sadie the ropes and collecting her candy with a smile and a thank you.  We had to venture away from our street in search for one with power.  The strangest thing having the kids trick or treat in the snow.

The best part of the evening was returning home to electricity.  It was wonderful.  We did a happy dance and hit the houses right around ours.  Saw some neighbors and Sadie and one of the little girls from around the corner dumped their bags and began a candy swap on the corner.  Yup we have that kid that swaps candy on the corner.  Ellie was too busy running to all the houses to be worried about what she had already gotten.

All in all a really fun night that ended on a warm note.  I hope all of your Halloweens were as successful.

Snow? In October?


We had snow in October.

Not a few wency flakes but a full on snow.  Just in time for Halloween.

It started like this:

Progressed to this:

We woke up Sunday morning to a fall wonderland of snow:

A tree fell down the street from our house taking out a bunch of power lines with it.  As we were thanking our lucky stars that it hadn’t effected us, it did.  The stress of having those lines down caused the transmitter that controlled our power to over heat and catch fire which meant no power for us.

We waited and waited and finally the Monday afternoon the trucks showed up:

We got home Monday from trick or treating to lights whoo hoo.

We all got so excited and were jumping around and not just from the sugar rush.

We made it thorough with the help of a warm fire and headlight / flashlights.

The girls and Ken went sledding at a local school.  I still can’t believe it sledding in October.  Check out the action here: