Spring Thaw

Today is what my Daddy would call the Spring Thaw.

You know those few days in Feb. when the sun shines and it’s warm – it’s going to be in the mid to high 50’s and sunny here the next few days.  That’s not warm to you Southerns but if you live in Connecticut you welcome 50’s in February with open arms.

I have always thought of the Spring Thaw as God’s way of saying “hang in there, Spring and warm days are on there way!”  It is usually followed by cold weather, after all it is only February, but those precious few days of warmth tie us over till the warmth is truly here.


Tuesday -as we all know- was Mardi Gras.

When I was younger this included a night out with lots of drinks, crazy fun and maybe a few beads.

These days my fun comes from laughing at two little girls who dance and goof around in the mardi gras beads they were lucky enough to score from Ms. Melissa.  Thanks for the delivery and the hours of dress up, goofy dancing, posing fun!

Budding artist and Master Reader

Or that’s how we see them as parents.

Sadie’s masterpiece from this past weekend:

Ellie read to Sadie’s and one of the other classes at Sadie’s school.  What did she read you ask?  There’s a Bird on Your Head by Mo Willems –http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/there-is-a-bird-on-your-head-mo-willems/1100551108 – one of our all time favs.

Indulge me my parental pride…

Let them eat cake

Friday was Ken’s Birthday.

After I got home on Thursday morning from India, I took a couple of hours nap and started on a cake for him.  Thanks to help from Ellie and Sadie I made him a classic yellow butter cake with chocolate fudge buttercream, all from scratch.  The decorations weren’t my best, I just didn’t have the time or mental ablity to get it done this year but I did bust out him camping by a campfire.  I even got the “bright” idea to put his candles in the campfire so it looked like an actual fire when it was lit.  I was more concerned with the taste and wanted him to have a yummy cake and it sure was yummy if I do say so myself.


The top

We went to Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse for his Birthday steak dinner and came home to the birthday cake and pressies.

Another year done and dusted, just don’t mention to Ken he’s getting older.

India, thank you

There are some trips that are really hard to come by at my job.  They are the ones worth the most time therefore the most money.  The trips that you need at least 25 -30 years with the company to even think of being able to fly on a regular basis.  My 18 years is nothing compared to that.  Everywhere in China and Japan, India, Tel Avi, Hawaii are the trips that are in this group of untouchables.

I was lucky enough this month to get an India trip.  I was off to Delhi – 14 1/2 hours there 15 1/2 hours back.  Wow.  That’s a long time on an airplane.

I showed up on the plane like it was my first day ever flying, all shiny and excited.  The service is different and like anywhere there are certain things you need to know about the market to make the service go smoothly.  For example when flying to Europe it is all about water, juice, and coke all without ice, France it is black coffee with 2 sugars, UK they like their tomato juice – no ice- and apparently India everyone drinks coffee and tea with milk.  You serve it to them with milk and only ask if they want sugar or not and they drink LOTS of water.

Anyway,  I showed up all sparkly and LOVED it.  I had heard that you either like it or you really don’t.  I got it.  I didn’t mind that except when you are on your break (there are two breaks and seeing how I was the most junior on the trip by at least 8 years I was on the first break, you get to lie down in the crew bunks and have a rest which is much needed) you don’t stop.  There is always someone in the galley asking for coffee, tea, water, food, something.  I don’t mind that.  In fact I kind of like it – strange I know.  It makes the flight go by quickly, but if you don’t like to work this is not the trip for you.

You leave Newark at around 9:00 at night and get to Delhi at around 9:00 at night but it’s the next night of the next day.  There is a 10 1/2 hour time change so you actually fly all day.  You loose time.  It’s the weirdest thing getting there and knowing you really have lost a day of your life.

The first thing I noticed when they opened the door of the plane was the smell.  It smells like camp fire, not entirely unpleasant, just all smokey.  I heard a few explanations of what the fires were burning but I don’t like to think about what was actually being burned just that it was interesting that a whole city can smell like a campfire.

You get to your hotel (which has security guards and women at the front desk dressed in beautiful saris) and sleep, finally.  You awake the next morning with that been at a slumber party all night /not slept/looking to see whose bra was frozen feeling.  Go to an amazing buffet breakfast (that the crew assured me was safe to eat and to power up so not to get what is called “Delhi Belly” by eating anywhere else) and head out shopping.

The crew took me under their wing.  They couldn’t have been better to me.  Sheltering me, showing me the ropes like I was a baby chick and they were the Momma ducks.  I waddled after them all over New Delhi. They were awesome and I was to totally over whelmed.

The pharamcy, the Khan market, the Russian (leather market which I didn’t really like, it felt seedy and a little bit creepy), and the Janpath (my favorite and the one closest to the hotel) – http://goindia.about.com/od/shopping/tp/delhimarkets.htm .  I bought a few things including India Barbies (how could I not) some fun wedding bracelets for the girls, an obnoxious elephant tie for Ken and a few pashminas.  Like I said there is so much and I wanted it all.  It was hard to keep my head and I ended up buying just a few things and later wishing I had gotten more.

After a day of shopping and seeing we headed back to the hotel for a nap (or at least I tried to nap) and to get ready to fly home.  We were picked up from the hotel at night and proceed to fly all night to land in Newark again at 4:00 a.m.  We landed before the immigration officers had even made it to work so we had to wait 15 min to open the door.  It was weird we had been in the air for almost 15 hours but it was only the morning.  I drove home with a cup of Dunkin Donuts as my co-pilot and watched the sunrise for the first time in days.

The people were so friendly.  I don’t know why, but I expected there to be a language barrier but most people spoke english enough that I never felt uncomfortable.  I saw monkeys sunning themselves in a park beside grown men, a Presidents Palace, Tuk Tuks that seemed to weave in and out of traffic close enough to touch but never getting knocked over, and a horse being ridden around a huge round-about going to a wedding.

It was all so different and interesting and I can’t wait to go back and explore more!

I’m not too proud to beg…

or plead or even bribe I admit it.

The conversation in my household last weekend:

me: Sadie want to go potty on the potty

Sadie: Nope!

Me: why not?

Sadie: ’cause it’s just impossible!

What do you say to that.  My almost 3 year old just told me that going potty on the potty is just impossible.

So I begged and reasoned -please Sadie, you are a big girl now and big girls go potty on the potty – when that didn’t worked I resorted to bribery.  I brought out the heavy guns, M&Ms and nail polish.

World leaders take note,  M&Ms CAN overcome the impossible or at least overcome the impossible task of potty training.

After a Saturday full of accidents I decided to sit her on the potty in front of the computer with Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (http://youtu.be/y4LPIwDhN7c) and offered to paint her nails and give her M&M’s every time she went potty on the potty.  I have tried charts and stickers and praise none of it had done any good but apparently M&Ms are magic.  She went potty put on big girl undies and has never looked back.

She been to school all week with big girl undies on and even gone through naps and outings without any accidents so far.  We only had to give her M&M’s the first day and there you have it.  The switch was flipped.  SADIE  decided it was time and viola she did it.

I still expect accidents to happen and am actually surprised it hasn’t happened yet but I can’t help being proud of her.  Even when she announces to everyone in the Target bathroom that “there’s pee pee coming out of my bum Mummy!” I just chuckled with everyone else in all the other stalls and said “why yes there is Sadie and what a big girl you are!”


Home again and a huge Thank You

We made it home yesterday and have been trying to do any and everything to keep Ellie down.  Whew, it’s not easy and we were told that she was supposed to be calm and quiet until at least Friday.  Good Luck.

She did receive this great balloon arrangement this morning from her Nanny and Granddaddy and was so excited I had to remind her not to jump around.  Crazy girl.  Just don’t want her to hurt herself of bust open something.

We said good bye to Grandma Judy this morning and now we are taking a few days to relax and recover before school on Monday.

We all want to say THANK YOU!!!

We received so many wonderful messages, prayers and thoughts during this.  It makes such a huge difference to know you aren’t alone in anything and that we have so many people out there cheering for Ellie is awe inspiring.  THANK YOU just doesn’t truly seem like enough.