And so it begins…

Birthday week, day 1. This year because it’s a BIG Birthday (you know the BIG 4-0) I’m really celebrating the whole week. Why the heck not I say. You only turn 40 once and any birthday is better than the alternative – no birthday (and we all know what that means)!

Day one was awesome! It started with new shoes and ended with home made chocolate chip cookies!


Another first

Yesterday was Sadie’s first hair cut.

I’ve  been a bit worried about cutting those curls before now.  It’s actually half was down her back when it is wet but when it is dry it just bounces right up. I was scared if we cut it, it would shrink up to nothing so I’ve been waiting.  The last few weeks the very ends have been getting really tangled so I knew that time had come for her first trim.

Early yesterday we headed up to the local kids hair cutting place – Tanturms - – for Sadie’s first cut.

They always make it special and dress like a mermaid Sadie was still and usually quiet until it was done.  The lady cutting her hair actually has naturally curly hair so I felt safe putting Sadie in her hands.  A quick trim later and her hair is even springer than before. I have to admit to being a wee bit jealous of it.



As luck would have it we were at Birthday party for a friend when we heard the news that not only was James Taylor going to be playing at Tanglewood ( in Lenox, Mass like he always does every 4th of July week but on July 2nd he was going to have a very special guest.


She was only going to come out for a few songs but lawn seats were going for only $24 a pop.

I immediately called Ken and he got on line and got us tickets.

So only July 2nd we packed a picnic loaded up the car and the kiddos and headed up North to see what we could see.

First let me say Tanglewood is amazing.  Think a really cool State park with a stage.  It was beautiful and packed.  Needless to say the concert sold out after it was leaked that (Taylor was joining her namesake Taylor).

Ken snuck up front with Ellie to see Taylor Swift when she made it onto the stage.  We had one really excited little girl for awhile after that.

The girls had a blast dancing and singing and neither Taylor disappointed that’s for sure.

The only way…

… to see fireworks!

Hamden town does their fireworks the weekend before the 4th usually and with a tip from a friend we found a really cool uncrowded place to watch them this year, a parking lot.  We got there and actually caught up with said friend.  We saw all the exciting fireworks and because there was no traffic or crowd to deal with we were home in 5 mins.  The only way to watch fireworks and what we will do from now on for sure.


The New Haven Arts and Ideas festival comes around every June.  There are so many fun things to do that’s it’s always hard to decide which is the best.   This year it ended with Roseanne Cash performing for free on the New Haven Green.

We headed down with our chairs and a bucket of chicken and listened to a really great show.  She sounded so good and being outside just made it that much better.

Birthday Month?

As I’ve talked about before around here you get a Birthday Week.  A whole week of Birthday fun and adventure.  This year Ellie took that to a whole level, a Birthday MONTH!

Since school always let out before her Birthday on the June 29 we decided to do an early Birthday party for her.  Ellie wanted no other day but June 1st (I’m convinced she wanted to truly have a whole Birthday month).

A real girlie PJ party.  10 girls wearing jammies eating pizza and Tinker Belle cake and playing twister.  It was beyond crazy but so much fun!

The month rolled on with a Pirate festival and of course fun with Dad on Father’s day.  The last day of school came and went and we had fun with a visit from Grandma. Her actual true Birthday week was full of boat rides around the Thimble Islands and trips to FroYo and the library and hanging out.

On her 7th Birthday we went to dinner at her favorite, Buffalo Wild Wings, and had cupcakes and sparklers.

What a way to ring 7 huh?