Busting with Pride

Sometimes rays of light come when we need them the most.

Last Friday was by all accounts a horrible and emotional day.  I couldn’t pull myself away from the TV and the tragic events at Sandy Hook.  Just imaging what the parents were going through. I couldn’t believe this had happened, in our country, in our state, to such young children.  It was all too close to home.

While Ken and I were trying to wrap our heads around it and keep it together for our girls, who at this point knew nothing, a ray of light came in the form or a letter from the superintendant of Hamden schools.  Now, like most parents, when a letter comes in the mail addressed to you personally (not just parent of Spring Glen Elementary student) my first thought is ut oh.

Imagine our surprise when it said Ellie had been chosen as her school’s December student of the month.  STUDENT OF THE MONTH!  FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL!  OUR ELLIE!  Wow.  It was just what we all needed.  We went to dinner at Ellie’s favorite Buffalo Wild Wings and rejoiced that night.

On Friday the 21st there was a special presentation at the School Board to all the students.  One from each elementary school and junior high and two from the high school.   Eleven students out of 6,000 were chosen.  WOW.  Our Ellie was one of them.  The principals from all the schools were there as well as the student’s teachers.  Needless to say it was an emotional day for us all.  What a great thing.  Celebrating these kids for doing good and being outstanding kids.

Each teacher said a few words on why they were chosen.  Ken and I were about to burst with pride, especially since Ellie was one of the youngest there.

It is now sitting on our mantle waiting to be framed.  It is a reminder of what we already know that we have an awesome little girl and that rays of light come on dark days!


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