This October we did our normal trip to the Strawberry Farms to pick our pumpkin.  We were a little later this year so we didn’t have the choice we usually have, but still got a good one – after a little debate.

We got home and the girls drew out diagrams of what they wanted their pumpkins to look like.  Ken did a pretty good job (we take turns carving it was my year last year, Ken’s year this year)!

Days before Halloween we were hit with Super Storm Sandy.  We were very lucky right where we are and just had high winds, lost trees and branches and cable for a few days.  Around us saw lots of flooding.  So many more lost so much more.  It is so sad to see and makes you realize how very lucky and blessed you really are.  The morning Sandy hit ken took the girls down to the water to check things out in front of the storm.

Halloween dawned clear and cool so trick or treat was on in Hamden (New Haven moved it to the following Wednesday and was hit that week with a freak snow storm, poor kids had Halloween canceled).

Ellie went as a pop star and Sadie as a princesses.  There really were no other costumes that so define them right now.  Loads of candy came home and seeing how many empty wrappers I found in Sadie’s bag, loads of candy was consumed!

We didn’t even have to dispose of the pumpkin.  The local wild life took care of it for us.  Everyday more and more of it was gone and finally it disappeared.  Glad to know we keep the critters supplied for the winter!

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