Once in a 100 years

There is a snow like the one we got at the beginning of Febuary.  Two years ago when we got over 70 inches combined during December, January, and Febuary we thought we were tired of digging but nothing compares to the 40 inches we got in one day.  That’s right in ONE DAY!  The most on record for a single snow fall and we even made National news.

It was crazy.  We knew a big Nor’Easter was baring down on us and it was going to be snow instead of rain but nothing can prepare you for that much snow at one time.

Snow plows couldn’t keep up and one actually got stuck and was abandoned around the corner from our house.

School was cancelled for a week while crews worked night and day to clear snow from roads using front loaders, dump trucks and snow plows.

I have never been so tired of shoveling and should have lost ten pounds but I have to admit being snowed in the house – litereally snowed into the house, Ken had to go out a window to shovel out the door because all of our doors open outwards -for days wrecks havoc with the strongest dieter.

It was a huge pain but it was the fluffiest most beautiful snow you have ever seen.  It almost didn’t look real, like something from a movie set.

We still have snow but at least there is a patch or two of grass to be seen and Ellie, Sadie, Ken and I are all finally back at school and work again today.

I’m glad the girls got to experience that kind of snow fall once in their life times and we will all remember and talk about this for a long time to come.