Singapore Part One

About the time we had 40 inches of snow (see previous post) and we were all done with old man winter, Ken talked to Pericles Lewis, the President of the new Yale-NUS College in Singapore, about a position in Educational Resources and Technology. Ken first heard about the position the year before and I had vetoed it before it even became more than a thought.

I mean Singapore is a L-O-N-G way away – as in half a world away – as in you can’t get any further or you are on your way back.

Enter in the snow storm and the idea of 80-100 degree weather and no snow EVERY DAY began to sound really good.

I told Ken to have a talk with them and I would pick up a trip so I could have a layover and check it out. Looking back all I can say is he caught me in a moment of weakness.

This is what I saw through my tired and jet legged eyes in my 24 hours in Singapore:

It was beautiful, amazing, visually stunning and WARM but could we live there?  It is truly a world away from Ct.  The food, people and culture all so new and different.  They do speak English but with a strong accent and a few words of their very own thrown in for flavor and with it’s own name: Singlish.

It was a big decision and one that wouldn’t be easy to make.