Turning into Foodies

One of the many things Singapore is know for is it’s food.  Lots of it and lots of different kinds.  In the last two weeks we have experienced two new food adventures.

The first was Fatboy’s Burger Bar (at Pasir Panjang).  It’s a build your own burger bar.  You choose what bread, meat, fixings with all the regular things like cheese, onion, mushrooms as well as a few strange things like nutella, peanut butter, and bananas.

It’s been awhile since we have all had a big fat burger so it was fun to chop into one.  The mix and spices in the meat itself was a bit different, not your traditional American burger, but it was family friendly, the girls liked it with Ellie giving it a two thumbs up.  Not too bad for a Singapore burger joint.

IMG_0591 IMG_0593 IMG_0594

Our second adventure was Slappy Cakes at the Grand Stand / Turf City.  The Grand Stand is a converted dog racing park.  It’s very interesting.  Inside you forget that you are in a racing stadium.  There are lots of food counters, coffee and tea, wine and beer shops and places to sit to eat.  Neat little shops to explore.  Then you walk outside and there is the track and stadiums.  The center green is now used to football matches and you can still sit in the stands.  It’s a really neat place to walk around and visit.

IMG_0657 IMG_0655 IMG_0654 IMG_0653

Now back to the real reason we went there – SLAPPY CAKES, a make your own pancake place.  Really?!?!?  What more can you ask for? You get to choose your batter and fillings and then actually make your own pancakes at your table.  As big or as small, whatever shape you want with as much stuff as you can imagine in them.  Ahhh heaven.  The girls and I went with traditional buttermilk but Ken went with zucchini batter.  All of it was yummy and so much fun.

IMG_0652 IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0651-1

It was so much fun and I know we will be going back for more.


Diwali / Holiday Monday

Diwali is the five day Hindu festival of lights. Little India has a huge month long celebration and festival but we didn’t make it down there for it this year. One of the really amazing things about Singapore is how very open and accepting of all religions it is and there are many public holidays around religious events.

The actual national holiday for Dwali was on Saturday November 2 but Ellie was out of school on November 4th.  It’s a bit confusing but if a holiday falls on a Saturday and the business is open on Saturdays (like Sadie’s school) you get that day off.  If your business isn’t open on Saturdays (like Ken and Ellie) you get an extra day off whenever you want it for that year.  Ellie’s school decided to take the Monday after.

It was just Ellie and I so we went to Sentosa and Palawan Beach for a fun off day. I have always said to Ken keep me close to water- especially salt water- and I’ll be a happy girl.  Looks like Ellie is just like me in that respect because the child would spend all day everyday on the beach and in the water playing.  Palawan Beach is only about a 20 min  ride in a cab or 40 min if you take the shuttle from the island and then the bus or MRT back home.  The beach there is nice and not too crowded especially on a week day.  We had fun playing in the sand and in the water and had fish and chips and fancy drinks on the beach at a cafe.

IMG_0623 IMG_0627

a centipede came to play with us

a centipede came to play with us

Even the crazy Singapore sideways raining thunderstorm we got caught in without an umbrella or hope of a taxi on the way to get Sadie from school couldn’t put a damper on our day!

No umbrella, no problem

No umbrella, no problem

I can’t think of a better way to spend a holiday Monday, can you?


Our first Halloween in Singapore we weren’t really sure what to expect.  Did they go all out like we do in the States or is it really no big deal.  We found out it was a combination of the two. In fact, it was very much like going out on Halloween in the States except it was a hot 88 degrees ( I remember a Halloween not too long ago where we were Trick or Treating in the snow) and we were going up to apartments in groups of kids instead of houses. Also the candy was different.  Chocolate melts in the heat and is also expensive to buy so there was very little chocolate in the trick or treat buckets. It was mostly hard candy, suckers, and gummy candies that were given out.  All of this keep Mommy and Daddy from having to “test” the candy and any late night after the girls went to bed raids of the buckets.

Our complex, like many around here, organized a trick or treat event.  They had you sign up for trick or treating and for giving out candy that way they knew how many kids and which apartments would actually be apart of the candy giving. This was really nice because we knew exactly which buildings and floors to go.

All the kiddos and parents met in the main reception area and there was a parade of costumes.  All the kiddos lined up and marched by showing off all the costumes.  I was surprised at how many kiddos there actually were.

IMG_0610 DSCN1489 Ellie once again made the decision on what her and Sadie were going to be.  Ellie went for Kiki, one of her favorite characters from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Sadie was Kiki’s black cat. By far one of the easiest costume years so far and they both looked really cute.

DSCN1483 DSCN1487 IMG_0601We trick or treated and enjoyed the festivities.


IMG_0611 IMG_0606 IMG_0608Two funniest things heard on Halloween night:

Ken got home from work and announced he needed “to go put on my Halloween shorts” and a friend of ours who dressed up like Batman announced that “Halloween costumes bought in America are not Singapore friendly” because of the heat.  Both of which really brought home to me that even thought we were Trick or Treating like every year, we now live very close to the Equator.