Mother’s Day Weekend 2014

The Thursday before Mother’s Day Ellie had her first over night field trip to the Dairy Farm Adventure Center here in Singapore. It was only about 20 min from their school but they went on a bus and had to have everything for camping out overnight.  There were dorms for them to sleep in but no cots or beds just wooden floors.  Lots of “risk taking” adventures were had and she made it home Friday afternoon full of stories.  The only down point was the rain and thunderstorms caused a few activities to be cut short so instead of doing four things Ellie was only able to do one.

While Ellie was risk taking I was at Sadie’s school for a Mother’s Day celebration.  The kiddos sung to us in Chinese and in English presented us with a paper rose, a necklace they made and a picture they drew of us.

Saturday was spent with Ellie at a birthday party at Snow CIty sledding and Ken, Sadie and I enjoying the Chinese Gardens and the Live Turtle Museum.

Sunday was a beautiful day in every sense of the word.  It started with me sleeping in until 7:45 and then getting up and going to breakfast. Ken found a very neat French bakery and cafe not far from us.  We had a lovely breakfast at Choupinette complete with French toast and chocolate donuts.

After breakfast we went to Sentosa to Palawan Beach.  We hung out at the Bora Bora Beach Club, laid on beach chairs, had frosty tropical drinks, played in the sand and surf and just enjoyed being together.

Late afternoon,  sun kissed and high on vitamin D,  we went to friends for Mother’s Day drinks and socializing.

It was pretty much a prefect Mother’s Day.  I’m a very lucky lady and I couldn’t have asked for more from my two girls and husband.


I had heard that Jaime Oliver had a restaurant here in Singapore but had yet to try it.  I think he is a pretty interesting and cool person with recipes that aren’t extremely hard do do.

So last weekend we decided to finally give Jaime’s Italian at Vivocity a try.  It was truly worth the wait. The food from start to finish was so good.  The atmosphere was also very interesting. Laid back but still nice with very cool lighting and tables.  It was right on the water so the view of Sentosa was amazing. There were neat added features like a view finders for the kids that had pictures of the kids meals on it and planks of meats and desserts.

I had truffle pasta that I didn’t want to end and even the kiddos pastas were amazing.

We will for sure be going back for more.

After dinner we went for a stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk to help walk off our dinner, enjoy the stalls of shopping and the sunset.

Sometimes living in Singapore is like being on vacation.  Wonderful places to eat and views for a evening stroll.


My favorite flower of all time is the Tulip. The many different colors the beautiful smell.  I love that they have a season when they bloom.  Its like you can’t take them for granted because soon they will be gone.  The stems seem so thick and sturdy but if you don’t treat them well they will droop.  I had them in my wedding and Ken and I did a babymoon  to the Keukenhof when we lived in England right before Ellie was born to see the tulip fields in all their glory.

When I found out that Gardens By The Bay was doing a tulipmania with more than 50,000 tulip bulbs so excited.

I made everyone pack into the car to go see the splendor.  We started the adventure with Satay by the Bay. 

We filled our bellies before the visual feast. Then walked over to the Flower Dome.

There were arts and craft tables before we entered the Flower Dome where the girls made paper windmills.

The first thing that hit you when you entered the flower dome was the smell.  The perfume of 50,000 tulips is beautiful and unforgettable. Then you actually see it.  The site is truly  breathtaking. The colors and textures almost over whelming.

I was in my glory and could have stayed there all day even with all the crazy crowds.

I’m so glad we are luckily enough to live in a city that once a year imports tulips half way around the world so that Asia can enjoy the splendor of tulip season.  Sigh…

Easter in Asia

The holidays that are made a big deal are a wee bit different when you live in Asia.  For example, Valentines Day not a big deal, Chinese New Year off the hook.  Easter falls in between.

You get good Friday off of work and can find a few things for Easter baskets.  There was an Easter egg hunt in our complex and many places did special Easter brunches.

The girls awoke to baskets from the Easter bunny (at 5:15 a.m.) and went to the Easter egg hunts.  We had a birthday party in the middle of the day but we did watch a video on Easter and why we celebrate it.  I think our first Asian Easter wasn’t too shabby.

Every six months

Every six months we make a trip to Boston for Ellie’s heart check up.  That usually entails a three hour drive up to Boston all day scans and tests then a drive home.  This time it was a bit more complicated.

We were home from Bali four days (with a birthday party in that time) when we caught a flight and headed to the Sates.  Singapore-Narita-Chicago-Boston, 29 hours later we were walking into our hotel in Boston.  We decided because it was such a crazy journey that only Ellie and I would go.  This meant for the first time Ellie was able to sit in first / business class on the flights.  United has a requirement for employees’ families traveling on passes must be 8 to sit in first / business class.  This was the first time since she turned 8 we didn’t have Sadie with us so we scored business class there and back on the longest leg of the journey.  Ellie was in heaven.  Huge seats and tvs with real blankets and pillows AND ice cream sundaes.  She never wants to fly coach again.

IMG_5378 IMG_5382 IMG_5385

IMG_5465The visit to Boston Childrens’ went very well.  Dr Marx said there wasn’t much change in her meausrements but he wanted to see her this summer when we were home. He would like to do a stress test.  The expectation is as she gets bigger that she will begin to slow down especially in sustained / long activity because her mitral valve won’t be able to keep up.  He wants to see what long activity does to her numbers.  It will give us a better idea of when her next surgery will be.

Since we finished early at the hospital we went on a walk before returning to the hotel.  After being in an airplane for 29 hours and in the hospital for half a day if felt good to stretch our legs. I knew there where Fens in Boston and that there was Fenway Park but until I walked down a street that had the Fens on one side and Fenway on the other it never connected in my brain Fenway is called Fenway because of the Fens.  Humm.

We even found one of the best burgers in Boston at Boston Burger Company.  It was worth the walk! With a full tummies and a bit of jet lag, we returned to the hotel and were in bed early.

IMG_5391The next morning, early enough to see the sunrise from in the air,  we went to Hampton Roads (the creative way via Newark and Richmond because of full and canceled flights) to visit friends.

IMG_5396We ate a few of our favs with a few of our favs.  We had wonderful time with the Harrells and the Scalffs.  It was just so awesome to reconnect and have time with my besties.Adding the kiddos to the dynamic was just the icing.

We ended the whirl wind six day trip in Richmond.  Since we had to fly into Richmond instead of Norfolk I needed to return the rental car there.  It was an awesome chance to see my oldest friend as well as my second Mom and family.  I got to visit with Cherie, Missy, their families and Polly Ann and Wayne.  It felt so good to see them again even though it was only for a few hours and Ellie got to spend time with Ellie.  It really made my heart full seeing Ellie get along so well with my friends children.  The next generation making us proud …



On March 30 our Sadie turned 5.  Really?!?  Five!!!  How is she that old already?

We celebrated with a pancake breakfast and party with a few of the friends she has made since we got here.


She wanted a Frozen party complete with a Frozen themed cake so I did my best and it didn’t turn out half bad.

IMG_0272 IMG_0283 IMG_0286 Not many pictures from the actual party we were all so busy having fun but I think I can say she brought in 5 in style.




Bali Part III – the beach

We ended our vacation with a stay at Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta Beach.

It really was a family resort.  There was a kids club and pool with a huge water slide and bunk beds in the room with towel creatures on the beds everyday.

I have to say this part of the vacation was my least favorite.  After the peace and serenity of the mountains and Ubud, Kuta beach was a shock to the system.  Crazy and loud it took a little bit to get used to the change.

The kids loved the pool and the kids club and got their hair braided (just  two pieces in the front each).  We had wonderful sunsets over the water.  Ken was able to fit a surf lesson in at a really neat surf school that we actually went back to the next day for lunch. I got a few hours of reading and relaxing by a beautiful adult only pool.  There was a tour of the local area with a visit to a local primary school and the community center and temple (we learned that the big things we saw in front of temples and houses all over the island where giants there to protect if they had fists they were defending the area, if they held their thumbs up they were welcoming all to come inside). We even saw someone moving a table on a scooter. So all in all it wasn’t bad.  I’m glad we went to Kuta and ended our holiday there but I don’t think we will go back to the Bali Dynasty.

Bali Part II: Adventures

You can’t go to Bali without seeing and visiting temples.  We actually learned that every household has their own temple as well as all the villages, towns, and cities.

The first large temple we visited was the Monkey Temple in Ubud.  It was in the Monkey forest and was a real experience.  It lived up to it’s name and there were monkeys everywhere and they sure were cheeky. One tried to steal some dollies we had bought for the girls because they were in a paper bag and the monkeys thought , apparently they were fruit.  Another stole my water bottle right out of my backpack while I was sitting on a wall.

The temple itself was beautiful (you will see we all have on sarongs, they are required in all temples in Bali).

It was very cool walking among the monkeys to a ancient temple even if it was a wee bit scarey.

Villa Awang Awang arranged for one of the staff to take us on a day tour one of the days we were there.  We had a driver and he took us to more amazing temples- including the Tirta Empul Temple where we saw people bathing in the scared waters and the Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple which was very serene and peaceful. There was a fun stop at a coffee farm along the way where we saw coffee being grown tried a selection of local grown coffee including one of the most expensive coffees in the world, Luwak coffee (the coffee that is made from beans that have “passed” through the luwak cat and is often called cat poop coffee).  We saw rice terraces that were so green and beautiful.  In fact the only other time I have seen such green is in Ireland.  We ended the day tour of Mount Batur a volcano that last erupted in 1968.  You can still see where the lava flow was because tress and other vegetation has yet to grow there.

Rice Terraces

Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

Tirta Empul Temple

Coffee Tasting and roasting


We saw so many amazing and awe inspiring things in a few short hours.






Bali Part I – Serenity

Since moved to Singapore all we have heard about is Bali (pronounced BAHHH- LEEE by everyone here).  I’m off to Bali for the long weekend, we just got back from Bali…

So of course we had to check out what the buzz was all about.  I have to admit many moons ago my dear friend Christy and I had a trip to Bali planned that didn’t work out.  We ended up in Hondras instead (that’s a story for another day).

Flying to Bali is easy and not too expensive.  It’s only a 2 – 2 1/2 hr flight there and with no time change it’s very easy.  (All you East Coasters it’s like flying from the North East to Florida). Since it was so easy, we decided to book up for Ellie’s March break from school.

The trip there was uneventful and actually a new experience for us because we actually bought tickets.  No stand by on this holiday.

IMG_4998Sadie quickly made friends with the Flight Attendants the the luggage/drivers at the airport.

IMG_4999 IMG_5002It was decided that we would spend 4 nights in the mountains near Ubud and 2 nights near the airport and the beach in Kuta.

The first part of the holiday we stayed in two bedroom villa with a private pool at  Villa Awang Awang.

The hotel staff were friendly and really awesome (all we heard over and over again was the phrase “it was my pleasure”).  We had breakfast delivered to our villa every morning and even had dinner and lunch delivered a few times from the local restaurant Padi Organik. It was all set up on the table in the villa, then quickly cleared and cleaned up afterwards. Every morning we were asked what we liked to do that day.  They had no problem taking us into Ubud, on excursions, or to the local spa (were Ken enjoyed looking over the rice fields while having a massage). The grounds were beautiful and peaceful as well.

The surrounding area was all rice paddies and local shops and temples.  We saw the famous rice paddy ducks (they encourage the ducks in the rice fields to eat bugs and to help fertilize) and the volcano in the distance on our morning walks around the village.

One of the staff even took us on a hike down to the river for a swim.  Ellie and Ken really enjoyed this but the current was very strong so Sadie and I hung on the river bank and watched.  On the way to the river we passed a alter were holy water was gathered for all the ceremonies in the village was gathered.

Villa Awang Awang was all peace and serenity.  We were spoiled and it was just what we needed to start the vacation.