It has been awhile since I’ve been on and posted.  Life often takes unexpected twists and turns and that’s what has happened to the girls and my lives.

Ellie, Sadie and I are back in the States and living very close to my parents and family.

Now that we are mostly settled and life has calmed a bit I will begin to post again.  Thanks for hanging with me during my absence.

3 thoughts on “Awhile

  1. Hi – Just wanted to say that I am glad you are back posting. I have missed keeping up with all of you and it is good to see you back. Have followed Ellie & Sadie with all of your posts–if you recall, Kathy no longer speaks to me–so your posts were all I could use. Thanks.

  2. Colleen, you totally rock. Amazing in every way. Your girls have a great role model in you and are completely blessed that you’re their mom.

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