Just got a call from the nurse they took measurements and are going to try to dilate Ellie’s mitral valve. Since Ellie’s mitral valve isn’t normal and was created for her it’s very tight and small. This could make dilation tricky but they have decided to give it a try anyway. 

The problem with any dilation of the mitral valve is finding the balance of releaving the pressures and not creating too much leakage. Since Ellie’s valve is different than a normal mitral valve it’s even more difficult to make sure they balloon enough without tearing too much and increasing the leakage she already has to a point that she couldn’t handle. 

The decision was made that it was worth the risk to try. If it works it might buy us a few more years before open heart if it doesn’t she will be getting a valve replacement this week. 

I’ll update when I get more info. 

3 thoughts on “Dilating

  1. praying for you all. I’ve been up early here with Ellie and you on my mind and heart. Praying the doctors see what they need to see and do what is best for Elllie!! Oh the life of a heart parent❤️ thanks for updates!! I’ve got my women’s group praying too and they are some real prayer warriors!!!

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