After a pretty good night of sleep and a quick repair of the hospital bed hair, Ellie is waking around this morning.  She’s a bit sore and taking it slow but moving around.



The echo this morning showed really great flow across the mitral valve where they ballooned it and the pressures have gone down. Dr. Marx is extremely happy with the results so far and has told Ellie that this should help her feel a lot better. He wants her to email him in 5-6 weeks to let him know how she feels and will to see us back here in six months. 

This is amazingly good news. So much better than any of us expected. It also looks like we will get sprung from the hospital soon.  

We will stay tonight in the Yawky Family House and head home tomorrow. The flights are all oversold so it looks like we will be taking Amtrak back to Virginia. That will take about 12 hours to Lynchburg but Ellie will be able to move around and if we go tomorrow we won’t have to switch trains.  There is even wifi on the train so we will be occupied for the journey. 

4 thoughts on “Thursday 

  1. Wow, that is some serious bedhead! Amtrack runs right through Cville. If you guys need to stop over, feel free.

  2. Colleen– Where are you? I have been wondering about you and the girls for such a long time. I assume that Ellie is still doing great. I miss your posts so much. I would really like to just have a quick note from you about Ellie…and all of you. Thanks. Just caring.

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