Tuesday Part 1

 Bright eyed and bushy tailed we were at the hospital early this morning for Ellie’s pre-cath appointment. 

The day started with the worse part -blood work. Ellie doesn’t have the greatest veins -thanks to me – and is prone to a bit of dramatics when it comes to blood work- I wonder where she gets that.  So blood taking is never fun.  Today with numbing cream and a pro for our phelmbot it was quick work. 

Next came all the stuff we do at all her appointments weight, height, EKG, and an expanded echo.  Ellie had a chest x-ray and a chat with the child life specialist about anything she was a bit worried about.  



The attending fellow came to discuss what they were going to do in tomorrow’s cardiac cath and to answer any questions Ellie or we had. She was great and after she went through the main points and Ellie had left the room, we talked about the risks of the cath especially caths that are focused on the left side of the heart. They will be taking pressure measurements, looking around and may even try to dilate the mitral valve while they are in there.    This has been tried before in her last cath three years ago with no real effect.  

The information gathered in the cath lab tomorrow will help in making decisions going forward with Ellie. They will know during the cath tomorrow if they will for sure be doing open heart on Friday to replace her mitral valve. 

We saw our main man Dr Marx and his right hand woman Mrs. Anne and had a quick chat about this week. After that we were free to go. 

Ellie is the first case in the morning (we have to be at the hospital at 6:45am and the cath is scheduled for 7:30am). It is also expected that she will stay in the hospital tomorrow night.

This time tomorrow we should know for sure if she will be going into surgery on Friday.  Unless they find something very different once they get in there, it looks like that’s what will be happening. 

We finished appointments around lunch time and hit the musical stairs on our way out. 


The best part of the appointment was finding out it was no food after midnight and not earlier which means it’s hot dogs and peanuts for Ellie at the Red Socks game tonight!!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Part 1

  1. Have a wonderful night!! I pray for peace and calm for you guys. May the Red Sox win……for Ellie❤️

  2. Go EB! Have a hot dog for me, Lovie. Praying for you, sweetie and holding you close. xxxxx oooooo Auntie A

  3. Go Ellie!! Such a trooper!! You will be on our prayers all week as well as strength for your mom and dad. You are a special young lady and I wish for u the speediest of recoveries!

  4. We are praying for Ellie, please Keep us posted!! Many kisses and tight hugs! Xoxo

  5. She got a lot of good stuff from you that will ser her through. When it gets tough, she just keeps going. Love to you. Kathe

  6. Praying for Ellie and your family!!🙏🙏 I know she’s in the best of care at Boston Children’s!!

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